Chiaphua Components Group

Chiaphua Components Group
Chiahpua Components Group
Type Private owned company 私营企业
Industry Manufacturing 制造业
Founded 1987
Headquarters Hong Kong 香港
Area served Worldwide 世界
Key people Sidney Cheng (MD)
Website Official Website

Chiaphua Components Group is one of the leading suppliers of electric motors, actuator systems, transaxles and controls. Their products can be used in many different applications such as home appliances, power tools, vacuum cleaners, medical devices and equipment, personal care, office equipment, HVAC, pumps, commercial floor care equipment, marine and RV products, mobility products as well as automotive applications.



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The company owes much of its heritage to its former parent company, Chiaphua Industries Limited. The history of Chiaphua Industries goes back to the founding of Chiaphua Manufactory in Swatow, China in 1922, which was principally involved in metal stamping work. No one at the time could have predicted that more than 80 years later, the small family firm would have developed into an integrated network of companies serving a worldwide market for products and supported by a broad manufacturing and investment base. Even today, the company’s Chinese roots are apparent in its increasing trade with China and its continuing commitment to Hong Kong and China through substantial investments in new factory facilities.

The history of Chiaphua Components Limited (CCL) dates back to the acquisition of Wah Ming Electrics Limited in 1978 by Chiaphua Industries. In 1983, Wah Ming was merged into Eastern Time Limited (ETL), a subsidiary of Chiaphua Industries, as a motor division to allow for diversification into compatible technologies. As the demand for electric motors continued to increase in the following years, the motor division of ETL was restructed as CCL, a new subsidiary of Chiaphua Industries in 1987. A technical tie-up was established in 1989 with a Japanese manufacturing company to further enhance its manufacturing know-how. In 1992, to allow further rapid expansion of CCL, the company was spun-off as an independent company from Chiaphua Industries. With its policy of constant upgrading of product range, a subsidiary, CCL Industrial Motor Ltd., (CIM) was established in 1994 to facilitate the expansion into industrial applications. In 2005, Chiaphua Components North America (CCNA) sales operation was established in New Jesey. Two years later, Chiaphua Components Automotive Limited (CCAL) was implemented to start providing electric motors for automotive industry.


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1922 – The company traces its roots in this year when Chiaphua Manufactory in Swatow, China which was involved in metal stamping work.

1978 – Acquired Wah Ming Electric Ltd by Chiaphua Industries.

1983 – Wah Ming was merged into Eastern Time Ltd as a motor division, allow for diversification into compatible technologies.

1987 – Organization restructured and formed Chiaphua Components Ltd (CCL) to cope with the increased demand for electric motors.

1989 – Technical tied-up with Matoba Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd in Japan to further enhance the manufacturing know-how.

1994 – Established CCL Industrial Motor Ltd (CIM), a 2nd motor division, to facilitate the expansion into industrial applications.

2003 – Opened its China manufacturing plant at Shenzhen with 98000 sq. m area.

2005 – Set up CCL North America sales operation to serve the customers throughout the Americas.

2006 – Automotive motor business group was established to further wider the product scope.

2007 – New R&D centre was established in Nanshan, Shenzhen.

2008 – Entered a new sector for window treatment market.

2009 – Restructured organization to develop a market-focused organization

2010 – Strengthened the group structure to form three independent divisions – CCL, CIM and BPD

Today – CCG employs more than six thousands worldwide, with the majority of the workforce engaged in production activities in China. Its position is guided by innovation, customization and reliability.

Business Segments

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The company consists of 3 major groups and provides unique engineering solutions to meet specific application requirements:

  • Chiaphua Components Limited (CCL) is a motor supplier for home appliance, floor care & HVAC, healthcare & mobility products, industrial products. Chiaphua Components Automotive Limited (CCAL) is mainly focus on supporting automotive applications such as fuel pump, window lift, wiper, car roof etc.
  • CCL Industrial Motor Limited (CIM) , a subsidiary of Chiaphua Components Limited (CCL), is committed to continuous growth by being the global leading contract manufacturer with special focus on motion-related Industry and meeting specific demands.
  • Branded Product Division (BPD) is mainly focus on branding and marketing new products using its own brands.


Operating in the area of the 3 business groups, Chiaphua Components Group reported sales growth of 15% in 2010 over the previous year.

Today, about six thousand employees around the world. Chiaphua Components Group has production facilities in Guangdong, China. The R&D centre is located at Nanshan, China.


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