Cheng'en Temple

Cheng'en Temple
The Cheng'en Temple

The Cheng'en Temple (Chinese: 承恩寺) is a Buddhist temple located in Beijing, China. It was first founded during the Sui Dynasty,[1] but later rebuilt severalt times, notably between 1510 and 1513 by Ming Dynasty emperor Emperor Zhengde. The temple's main Daxiong Palace, clock and drum towers, as well its stone sculpted Buddhas are all constructed during the Ming Dynasty.[1] The temple also contains important collection of Ming Dynasty Chinese religious art, such as the murals on the interior walls of the Hall of Heavenly Kings (Tianwang dian).


Coordinates: 39°56′05″N 116°09′31″E / 39.93472°N 116.15861°E / 39.93472; 116.15861

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