Charles I, Duke of Elbeuf

Charles I, Duke of Elbeuf
Duke of Elbeuf
Spouse Marguerite de Chabot
Charles II, Duke of Elbeuf
Henri, Count of Harcourt
Full name
Charles de Lorraine
House House of Lorraine
Father René de Lorraine
Mother Louise de Rieux
Born 18 October 1556(1556-10-18)
Joinville, France
Died 4 August 1605(1605-08-04) (aged 48)
Moulins, France

Charles de Lorraine (Joinville, 18 October 1556 - Moulins, 4 August 1605) was a French duke and nobleman. He was marquis of Elbeuf from 1566 to 1572, then duke of Elbeuf from 1582 to 1605 and count of Harcourt from 1566 to 1582, lord of Rieux, baron of Ancenis and peer of France. His parents were René de Lorraine, marquis of Elbeuf and count of Harcourt, and his wife Louise de Rieux.


He was made a knight of the Ordre du Saint-Esprit on 1 December 1581, but was arrested the day after the assassination of duke of Guise. On his release he joined the Catholic League and fought against Henry of Navarre, who was to become king of France. He did not make peace with him until 1594, when he received the governorship of Poitou from him and from then on became his faithful servant.

Marriage and issue

On 5 February 1583 he married Marguerite de Chabot (1565 † 1652), daughter of Léonor Chabot, count of Charny, and of Françoise de Longwy. Their children were :

  • Charles de Lorraine (1596 † 1657), Duke of Elbeuf
  • Claude Éléonore de Lorraine (1598 † 1654), married in 1600 to Louis Gouffier († 1642), Duke of Roannais
  • Henriette de Lorraine (1599 † 1669), Abbess of Soissons
  • Henri de Lorraine (1601 † 1666), Count of Harcourt, of,Armagnac and of Brionne
  • Françoise de Lorraine (1602 † 1626) never married;
  • Catherine de Lorraine (1605 † 1611) died in infancy.


  • Georges Poull, La maison ducale de Lorraine, 1991
Preceded by
René II
Duke of Elbeuf
Succeeded by
Charles II
Preceded by
René II
Count of Harcourt
Succeeded by

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