Charkhlik Revolt

Charkhlik Revolt
Charkhlik Revolt
Part of Xinjiang Wars
Date 1935
Location Charkhlik, Xinjiang
Status Republic of China victory
Republic of China Republic of China National Revolutionary Army Uighur rebels
Commanders and leaders
Republic of China Ma Hushan
36th Division (National Revolutionary Army) around 10,000 Chinese Muslim cavalry and footsoldiers
Unknown amount of Uighur fighters
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy casualties

The Charkhlik Revolt was an Uighur uprising in 1935 against the Chinese Muslim dominated Tunganistan, which was administered by the 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army). The Chinese Muslim troops quickly and brutally defeated the Uighur revolt.[1][2] Over 100 uighurs were executed. The revolt leader's family were transformed into hostages.[3][4]


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