List of characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited

List of characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited

This is a list of characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited, an anime spin-off of the Final Fantasy series.



Ai Hayakawa

  • Voiced by: Haruko Momoi (Japanese), Jessica Schwartz (English)

Ai Hayakawa (アイ・ハヤカワ?) is the daughter of Joe and Marie Hayakawa, who travelled to Wonderland with her younger (said because she is more mature, they are actually the same age) twin brother, Yu, in search of their lost parents. She is an energetic and intensely curious little girl who is very positive and outgoing. But, her good moods don't last too long. Ai loves creepy, cute things like her gift from Fabula, Poshepocket, with whom she fell in love with at first sight.

Yu Hayakawa

  • Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Japanese), Evan Slack (English)

Yu Hayakawa (ユウ・ハヤカワ?) is Ai's younger twin brother. Always sure to introduce himself when he meets someone new, he shows no signs of shyness, even towards someone like Kaze (who is surrounded by such an unapproachable aura). Yu tends to act like an adult in that he always proceeds with caution along their journey. But he also has an innocent, childish side that can be seen in such acts as mindlessly chasing cute animals like Chocobo. Through the use of Penna, he can converse with Chobi.

Lisa Pacifist

Ai and Yu first meet the 22-year-old Lisa Pacifist (リサ・パツィフィースト Risa Patsifīsuto?) in the Subway, where she decides to help the twins search for their parents in Wonderland. She is able to manipulate spirits found in nature through the use of her Kigen Arts and uses this power to protect the two twins from the various monsters of Wonderland. Ai believes that Lisa came to Wonderland in search of her boyfriend, but her true reason for coming is still a mystery...It is greatly hinted that she has some feelings for Kaze.


  • Voiced by: Nobutoshi Kanna (Japanese), James Brownlee (English)

Also known as "Black Wind" (黒き風 Kuroki Kaze?), Kaze (?) is a silent, expressionless man who defeats monsters once he thaws the 'Magun' on his right arm, which fires summons. All of his memories of the past have been lost, and he walks through life without knowing who or what he is. The only thing he is sure about in his life is his fight with Makenshi, longing to settle things finished between them.


  • Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese), J. Shannon Weaver (English)

Also known as White Cloud (白い雲 Shiroi Kumo?) to Kaze, Makenshi (魔剣士?) is a silent mysterious figure working for Gaudium at his leisure, but seems to have his own agenda. He has no interest in fighting Kaze, and only acts in self-defence whenever Kaze engages him.

Supporting characters


  • Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Samantha Inoue-Harte (English)

Chobi (チョビ?) is one of the birds of happiness that lives in Wonderland. He becomes emotionally attached to Yu after Yu finds a chocobo feather in the forest. Chobi joins them on their journey and always knows when the Subway will be arriving next.


  • Voiced by: Nobutoshi Kanna

Poshepocket (ポシェポケ Poshepoke?) is the living pocket creature of Wonderland. He can store away huge amounts of objects in his mouth and also spit up very useful items. From time to time, whenever he feels like it, he mutters in unintelligible speech.

Lou Lupus

Lou Lupus (ルー・ルプス Rū Rupusu?) is a little girl whose homeland was destroyed by Omega, the surviving member of a race that has the ability in transform into a werewolf when they gaze into a reflection of their own eyes. As Lou was the last of her kind, she used a mirror to invoke her transformation and use her super-high frequency wave howling attack. She traveled in search of a place where she belongs, meeting the twins and Lisa on the Subway when they are attacked by Omega. But after Kaze saves them, she falls in love with him and decides her place is by Kaze's side, mortally wounded in the final battle with the Earl as a result before she offers what little life she had to help him.



Knave (ナーヴ Nāvu?) is the leader of the Comodeen, the rebel faction against Earl Tyrant, but is a romantic by nature. He wields a bazooka and a gatling gun.


Cid (シド Shido?) is a member of the Comodeen. A genius inventor, Cid can make anything, which includes the Wonderland Watch that Chobi wears, the Subway, and even a Submarine. He gives each of his inventions a woman's name and loves them dearly. However, due to his love for them, if they receive even the slightest scratch, his personality changes drastically, and he attacks the opponent in a rage. Normally, he is a pleasant young man who uses gentle and polite speech, even towards the kids Ai and Yu.


  • Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima

Miles (ミィレス Miresu?) is a high-ranking female member of the Comodeen. She's tanned and has purple hair. She's a tough girl and helps Ai change her clothes the 1st time they meet each other. She's usually seen carrying out the attacks for the Comodeen. She also seems to have a crush on Cid, who kissed her when he is turned into a frog and was transformed back. Since then, she gets very flustered and happy whenever Cid talks to her.


  • Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Grant James (English)

Fungo (ファンゴ Fango?) is a refugee welcomed into the Comodeen. In his first appearance, he steals and eats Ai's backpack, leading them to the Comodeen's base when caught. As the group set off in Cid's submarine to catch up to the interdimensional train, he steals Yu's backpack with intent to eat it. Seemingly not good for anything, it is revealed that he does have one special ability: the good news is that Fungo can sense danger before it happens; the bad news is that Fungo can only sense danger seconds before it happens. It is revealed in Cactus: The Wandering Sea that he can understand Cactuars.


Earl Tyrant

  • Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Elena Carrillo (English)

Earl Tyrant (タイラント伯爵 Tairanto-hakushaku?) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy: Unlimited and the ruler of Wonderland. though he has the appearance of a spoiled child, the Earl is actually an avatar of Chaos, the entity that attacked the worlds that Wonderland is composed of. The Earl enforces his iron-fisted rule of Wonderland through his four Lords of Gaudium, installing negative emotions among minon and denizen alike for nourishment while going after the pieces of Omega to become a god and rule all existence.


Oscha (オスカー Osukā?, Oscar in Japanese materials) is one of the four Lords of Gaudium. The most mysterious of the four, he serves as Tyrant's primary advisor. Oscha appears as living shadow of a figure with no legs and arms, though arms do protrude from his near-formless body from time to time. He wears a white mask over his face, and his mad eye can usually be seen when the camera pans up close to him. It is apparently revealed that Oscha is in truth a part of Chaos like the Earl, and does the job of ensuring that Chaos is fed constantly with dark emotions. Oscha is able to bring things to life; such as seen with his work on Crux, the puppet used to spy on the protagonists, and also revive dead people; such as seen with Madoushi.

From the very beginning, Oscha knew of Ai and Yu's true nature, creating Crux and altering the clock on Chobi's neck to pinpoint the twins' exact locations while having them experience the various horrors and tragic event across the series, maturing them so when they can be fused with the Earl, Chaos would reach its zenith and evolve. But the plan failed and Oscha falls down into Chaos as his mask is cracked, but he survived. In FFU:After, Oscha helped to revive what remained of Gaudium and search for new Lords of Guadium to replace those lost, leaving Soljashy to make Chaos Rulers, the Earl's successor, out of the Hayakawa Twins.


  • Voiced by: Daisuke Gouri (Japanese), Grant James (English)

Appearing as a mushroom humanoid, Fungus (フングス Fungusu?) is one of the four Lords of Gaudium and is always seen with a pipe in his mouth. Originally from a world of mushrooms, Fungus was a general until a mysterious mushroom-eating mold manifested on his world by Chaos. Only Fungus survived and became a servant of the Earl. Fungus is virtually immortal, and will always reappear after losing a fight against Kaze, though as a 1/10 miniature of himself and must wait for some time before regaining his original stature.

When the Lords of Gaudium were sent to find the innate pieces of Omega, Fungus failed to find any. Fungus was desperate to impress the Earl, losing his trust from each losing battle. However, Oscha offers to give Fungus a edge against Kaze by bring him to what remained of his homeworld. There Fungus draws power from his homeworld during his fight with Kaze, regenerating into a giant. However, though he was winning, the Earl and Oscha planned to dispose of the useless Fungus by using the same mold that destroyed his world to finish the job and infect him. Seeing him in misery, Kaze ended his suffering with Fungus thanking him in his final moments and acknowledging him to be the better man.


  • Voiced by: Kana Ueda (Japanese), Jessica Smolins (English)

Herba (ヘルバ Heruba?) is one of the Four Lords of Gaudium with the appearance of a humanoid plant woman. She is considered Earl Tyrant's favorite and usually sits besides him on his throne. She carries an umbrella and is usually accompanied by her pet Hug-Hug. She has a habit of adding the word, "baby" behind a person's name if she likes them. She draws her power from plants. In the end of the anime, Herba falls into Chaos, but in FFU:After, it's revealed that she actually survived to become Princess Herba. She assumes her role as Chaos' agent by using her plants to feed Chaos until the Hayakawa twins Yu and Ai assume their chosen role as Chaos Rulers.

Furthermore, she was responsible for transforming Dolk, Lisa Pacifist's lover and part of the C2 Organization which she works for, into Soljashy, the first Lord of Gaudium under her. Soljashy is part of Herba's plot to feed Chaos. She retreated into Wonderland after manipulating Lisa to open the portal to that world.

Pist Shaz XI

Pist Shaz XI (ピスト・シャーズ11世 Pisuto Shāzu Jūissei?) is another of the four Lords of Gaudium, Pist played the role as an annoying villain quite well. A shark-humanoid with a body of water, its mouth is at the back. An arrogant, over-confident and boastful individual, Pist is also unfortunately intelligent, collecting the data from previous battles and analyzes them to prepare for the next one. He drives a convertible with a pool inside, and goes by his annoying laugh - shashasha! Pist resides in an underwater castle made of corals somewhere. Arriving to Gaudium while still busy on his project, Pist decides to handle Kaze, succeeding to steal Kaze's Magun's power but failed to use the Magun as his own. Though he lost, Pist's revealing Omega's stirring made up for it.

Pist later played a bigger role after the demise of Fungus, completing his masterpiece: The Ocean Puzzle, a Rubik's Cube like dimension that entrapped the protagonists, sending them to a part on Wonderland where they had to pass a challenge to continue or be destroyed. However, the protagonists manage to survive each of his puzzles, forcing him to confront them when they arrived to Telos.

Using Blue Elenium, a compound made of Elenium, Pist was able to alter the summons called upon by Kaze; in this case, he turned the Giga Phoenix into a destructive summon that starts to destroy Telos, much to the Earl's dismay. However, Makenshi appears and destroys the summon with his Mist powers, and Pist was forced to retreat in spite of Telos' destruction ensured. Back in his lair, Pist was almost about to gather all the Omega crystals within his Ocean Puzzle when Makenshi intervened. Though confident in himself, Makenshi defeats Pist by turning him into Mist, using Pist as Mist Dragon to destroy the Ocean Puzzle, causing all the Omega crystals but Clear to be destroyed, forestalling the Earl's evil plans.


Madoushi (魔道士?) is the older brother of Makenshi, looking similar except for his red clothes and hair. Originally his younger brother's only friend, Madoushi taught Makenshi everything he knew in the art of combat. Much to Madoushi's dismay, however, Makenshi outdid him in swordsmanship. As a result, Madoushi felt himself to be in his younger brother's shadow and wanted to see who was stronger, even after he died when Chaos attacked their world to prove himself stronger.

He initially appears as part of Oscha's plot to stall the protagonists on the Ocean Puzzle, however it was to feed Chaos with Makenshi's horror of facing his own brother as Madoushi had intended to see once and for all who was the greater brother. But Makenshi was reluctantly forced to take his brother down for good. Makenshi still thinks about Madoushi, wondering if his brother intended the fight to go that way.

After Chaos is defeated, Crux discovered Madoushi's grave in the ruins of Misteria. There she discovers a crystal that contained Madoushi's power, and by instinct sought to give it to Makenshi. With the crystal, Makenshi receives his brother's power.


Crux (クルクス Kurukusu?) is a small fairy marionette brought to life by Oscha whose job it is to spy on Kaze the Hayakawa twins Yu and Ai. She will then report her findings to Oscha or whichever of the Lords of Gaudium is around.

Crux's entire vocabulary is made up of "kukuruyu". Periodically abused by the Lords of Gaudium, Crux developed feelings for Makenshi when he saved her life. Crux rebelled against Oscha and helped the protagonists during the battle against Chaos Tyrant.

After the battle, Crux carried Makenshi away and tended to his wounds. She later becomes his traveling companion. Crux was damaged by Crux Number-2 when she found Madoushi's grave. Crux received a gem from Makenshi's older brother Madoushi, which contains his very power, from his grave. From this Makenshi learns the mist powers of his brother, and Crux is able to transform into the Cross Sword, Makenshi's secondary weapon.


Known as the "Wonderland Consultant", Soljashy (ソルジャッシー Sorujasshi?) was formally Dolk of the C2 Organization, the agency that sent Lisa searching for the Hayakawa professors. He and Lisa were once in love, but he has been captured by Herba and now works for Chaos as Soljashy. He fights by sticking his business cards onto objects, transforming them into monsters. Despite everyone's attempts to restore Soljashy to his former self, the man who was once Dolk is no more — Soljashy is merely a parasitic entity using Dolk's body and feeding on the man's life. The real Soljashy is the briefcase his host carried. Soljashy is charged with the task of having Ai & Yu assume their "rightful" positions as the Chaos Rulers by any means needed, even using those they care about to his advantage.

He succeeds in making Gaudium and Chaos a beacon of hope and light for those in despair, winning the loyalty of most of the world while promoting egotism for Chaos to feed. However, he is mortally wounded by Makenshi and blasted by Kaze. Dolk is freed, though on the brink of death due to Soljashy taking most of his life. Kaze kills Dolk despite Lisa's pleas. Dolk becomes the soil Chain Gold.



Referring to herself as a guide, Fabula (ファーブラ Fābura?) plays the role of the storyteller, giving a brief synopsis of the previous episode at the beginning, and "prophecizing" (basically giving a preview) the next episode. Living within an oyster shell filled with pearls and that are able to sprout wings, Fabula rarely gets herself involved.

Ai encounters Fabula during the Hayakawa twins' stop at the Village of Fruit after he bag was stolen by who is later revealed to be Fungo. There, Fabula gives her PoshePocket to replace her bag, and disappears immediately after giving Ai some advice. She makes another appearance when Omega attacked the subway where Lisa Pacifist and the twins rode to obtain its piece inside the train. Using her house and getting involved in that incident, Fabula carried the Ghost Train's last card to safety, carrying them to the Comodeen's new base.

At the end of the anime, she hints on a continuation of the story, and gives a cryptic message to Ai when she and her family returned to their world after Earl Tyrant's defeat.


  • Voiced by: Rin Mizuhara (Japanese), Lainie Frasier (English)

Chocobaba (チョコババ Chokobaba?) is the old lady who loves Chocobos. In response to Lisa, Yu, and Ai's questions she responds with nothing but, "I have no clue", or "At least that's the rumor". They cannot have much of a conversation with her.


  • Voiced by: Rin Mizuhara (Japanese), Lainie Frasier (English)

Chocoimo (チョコイモ Chokoimo?) is Chocobaba's (slightly) younger sister. She commands a flock of Chocobos and is on a journey in search of the legendary Ciel. Her stock phrases are, "Let me see..." and "Or something like that", make her no different from Chocobaba in conversation problems.


Sagi (サギ Sagi?) is a little boy who appears in the room where Dead Peppers grew in Herba's Mansion, found by Lisa who is the only one to see him while others can not. He actually turns out to be the manifestation of a Sagiso Flower that Lisa had raised as a child and was forced to leave when she moved to her mother's home, with Lisa feeling guilty for not recognizing Sagi until it was too late. In the language of flowers, the Sagiso means "my thoughts will follow you into your dreams".


Aura (アウラ Aura?) was Kaze's younger sister in their world of Windaria. When Chaos destroyed their world, Aura was mortally wounded. She offered to turn herself into Soil for Kaze to use to fight Chaos as Gun Dragon. Aura apparently had a relationship with Makenshi. She only appears in the series in flashbacks.


Bolbol (ボルボル Boruboru?) is a tailor living in Teros who uses the Flying Water to create clothing allowing the wearer to fly...and charges ridiculously exorbitant prices for it. He has been known to offer his handiwork free of charge, but only on two known occasions: creating a cape for Lou, and a full body suit with gloves for Clear.


The absolute antagonistic plot device of FF:U, Omega (オメガ Omega?) is a mysterious being who can destroy everything around it simply by being nearby, though whether it is truly malevolent or not is unknown. Prior to the series, Omega's body is scattered into many pieces across Wonderland in the form of living, but dormant crystals. However, when a piece of Omega is active, it is intent to find its "siblings" and fuse with them to recreate Omega, attacking anything that would interfere. Due to Omega's power, its pieces are targeted by the series' antagonists as part of the Earl's plan.


A bluish iridescent boy with green hair, Clear (クリア Kuria?) is a quiet and shy person who's actually the heart of Omega. He ended up in Teros where he stayed until Bolbol made him a cloak of Flying Water to cover his entire body and hold his power at bay. Clear hates himself for destroying everything he touches.

It was by fate that he encounters Ai after she had fallen off the submarine in the Ocean Puzzle. Clear tried to steer clear of Ai out of fear of killing her by accident. At that moment, Pist sends his minions; three strange creatures, to hunt down Clear. They manage to find him, but Clear successfully flees with Ai. Safe in a cave, Clear introduces himself to Ai as a part of Omega, in search of his "siblings", which are the Omega pieces. Kaze then discovers the two and attempts to destroy Clear because of his nature, but Ai objects. Just then, Pist's three minions appeared again, and caught Ai. Clear manages to save her, but his glove came off in the struggle, unleashing his destructive power. Ai was then saved by Lisa and Yu on Chobi, leaving Clear behind to be caught.

Later, when Clear was last piece of Omega in existence, he was fused with his Flying Water suit to create a stable crystal for Earl Tyrant to absorb. In the series aftermath, Clear's crystal is retrieved by Crux and given to Makenshi in FF:U After, who entrusts it to Ai in the After Spiral. Clear was inserted into the Airship Sylvia to serve in the ship's Flying Water Recycling System.

Joe Hayakawa

Originally an ordinary geologist, Joe Hayakawa (ジョー・ハヤカワ Jō Hayakawa?) became one of the world's leading researchers in the field of Wonderland physics after the Pillar of Darkness appeared. After traveling once to Wonderland, he came back and published the book called "Day of Conjunction", about his experiences.

Marie Hayakawa

Marie Hayakawa (マリー・ハヤカワ Marī Hayakawa?) is the mother of Ai and Yu, she is Joe's wife who she assists him in his research. When Joe and Marie once again go back into Wonderland, their whereabouts become unknown.

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