Changchun Christian Church

Changchun Christian Church

Changchun Christian Church (Chinese: 长春基督教会) is one of the largest and historically important Protestant churches in Changchun, Jilin Province, China.

Changchun Christian Church, Changchun, China



Changchun Christian Church is one of the largest and historically important Protestant churches in Changchun, Jilin Province, China. Also housed here are the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committees of Changchun City and Jilin Province.

The church's address is: No. 131, Xiwu Avenue, Chanchun City, 134402 (Telephone: 0431-295-7722). It is also called the Xiwu Avenue church. Worship is held at 8:00 Sunday, 16:00 Wednesday, 16:00 Friday and 9:00 Saturday.

Brief history

  • In 1886, the Irish Presbyterian Mission (Thomas Crosby Fulton, in Chinese: 傅多玛) was sent to Changchun. [1] [2] 
  • In 1893, joined by the English Presbyterian Mission (English name uncertain, in Chinese: 纪里备), which four years later built a church at the present site.
  • In 1902, a medical hospital was built next to the church, which remains as Changchun Women's Hospital.
  • In 1930, the church's annex building was built.
  • In 1941, as the British-Japanese relations soured, the church was ceded to the Japanese and it became the Manchurian United Christian Church headquarters.
  • After 1959, the church participates in the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and belongs to the China Christian Council.
  • In 1998, the 3-storey present church building was built in an Irish Protestant church style. It can accommodate 6,000 people.


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Dalian Yuguang Street Church, Shenyang Dongguan Church, Changchun Christian Church, Harbin Nangang Christian Church, etc.

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