Icelandic Canadian

Icelandic Canadian

ethnic group
group= Icelandic Canadian
poptime= 88,875 [] Statistics Canada, Census 2006 - Selected Ethnic Origins1, for Canada, Provinces and Territories - 20% Sample Data] 0.3% of Canada's population"'
popplace=Western Canada, Ontario
rels=Predominantly Protestant
langs=English, Icelandic
related=Icelandic, Icelandic Americans, Scandinavian

Canada has the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland. Canada has about 88,000 people of Icelandic descent. []

Icelandic population in Canada

The Provinces with the largest reported Icelandic-Canadians in 2006 are:

* Manitoba: 30,555
* British Columbia: 22,115
* Alberta: 16,870
* Ontario: 11,140
* Saskatchewan: 6,445

List of Icelandic-Canadians

*Vilhjalmur Stefansson
*Bjarni Tryggvason
*Torfhildur Þorsteinsdóttir
*David Arnason
*Baldur Stefansson
*Paul Thorlakson
*Steinn O. Thompson
*Signy Hildur Stefansson Eaton
*Christian Halldorson
*Gunnar Thorvaldson
*Philip Petursson
*Wally Johannson
*Stephan G. Stephansson
*Paul Bardal
*Donald K. Johnson
*Tom Cochrane
*W. D. Valgardson


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* Gimli, Manitoba
* New Iceland in Manitoba

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