Chandpur Dam

Chandpur Dam
Chandpur Dam
Official name Chandpur Dam
Location Tumsar
Opening date 1915
Demolition date N/A
Owner(s) Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earthfill
Height 19 m (62 ft)
Length 1,051 m (3,448 ft)
Volume 80.36 km3 (19.28 cu mi)
Impounds Chandpur river
Capacity 28,879 km3 (6,928 cu mi)
Surface area 9,072 km2 (3,503 sq mi)

Chandpur Dam, is an earthfill dam on Chandpur river near Tumsar in State of Maharashtra in India.



The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 19 m (62 ft) while the length is 1,051 m (3,448 ft). The volume content is 80.36 km3 (19.28 cu mi) and gross storage capacity is 29,025.00 km3 (6,963.47 cu mi).[1]


  • Irrigation

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