Chamber of Corporations

Chamber of Corporations

A Chamber of Corporations is a key element in the idea of corporatism and could mean either:

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  • Chamber of Fasci and Corporations — (Italian: Camera dei Fasci e delle Corporazioni) was the official name of the Italian Chamber of Deputies established on January 19, 1939, to replace the Chamber of Deputies during the 30th legislature of Italy. The Chamber was vested with… …   Wikipedia

  • Corporations Auxiliary Company — was a corporation created to conduct the administration of industrial espionage [1], essentially, providing labor spies who could propagandize, sabotage, or act as goons in exchange for payment. In 1921 the Corporations Auxiliary Company was… …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber of commerce — Former Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York A chamber of commerce (also referred to in some circles as a board of trade) is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of… …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber of Pawnbrokers of the Philippines, Inc. — The Chamber of Pawnbrokers of the Philippines, Inc. (CPPI) is an organization that aims to serve and represent the interests of the firms and individuals involved on the aspects of the pawnbroking industry. The CPPI keeps its members aware of… …   Wikipedia

  • Chamber, Economic —    / Wirtschaftskammer    The oldest of Austria’s four self governing corporations legally empowered to speak for the major interest groups of its economy, this chamber was an outcome of the Revolutions of 1848. At first these organizations… …   Historical dictionary of Austria

  • United States Chamber of Commerce — Founder(s) Charles Nagel Type Advocacy group Founded 1912 Location …   Wikipedia

  • Corporative Chamber — The Corporative Chamber (in Portuguese Câmara Corporativa) was one of the two parliamentary chambers established under the Portuguese Constitution of 1933, the other being the National Assembly. Unlike the directly elected National Assembly, it… …   Wikipedia

  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce — The National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is a U.S. not for profit advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding the economic opportunities and advancements of the LGBT business community. The NGLCC headquarters is located… …   Wikipedia

  • Echo chamber (media) — The echo chamber effect refers to any situation in which information, ideas or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission inside an enclosed space.[citation needed] Contents 1 How it works 1.1 Spreading false information …   Wikipedia

  • Media echo chamber — The term media echo chamber can refer to any situation in which information, ideas or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission inside an enclosed space. Observers of journalism in the mass media describe an echo chamber effect in media …   Wikipedia

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