Cerium(IV) oxide-cerium(III) oxide cycle

Cerium(IV) oxide-cerium(III) oxide cycle
Simplified diagram of the Cerium(IV) oxide-cerium(III) oxide cycle

The cerium(IV) oxide-cerium(III) oxide cycle or CeO2/Ce2O3 cycle is a two step thermochemical process based on cerium(IV) oxide and cerium(III) oxide for hydrogen production.[1] Advantage of the cerium based cycle is the separation of H2 and O2 in two steps which makes high temperature gas separation redundant.


Process description

The thermochemical two-step water splitting process (thermochemical cycle) uses redox systems:

For the first endothermic step, cerium(IV) oxide is thermally dissociated in an inert gas atmosphere at 2,000 °C (3,630 °F) and 100-200 milli-bar into cerium(III) oxide and oxygen. In the second exothermic step cerium(III) oxide reacts at 400 °C (752 °F) - 600 °C (1,112 °F) in a fixed bed reactor with water and produces hydrogen and cerium(IV) oxide.

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