Arunattu Vellalar

Arunattu Vellalar

The Arunattu Vellalar (Tamil: ஆறுநாட்டு வெள்ளாளர்) is a subcaste of the Vellalar caste from India. The people originally belonging to six villages near Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu are named as Arunattu Vellalar.Many people are living Thuraiyur town and surrounding villages. Apart from these six villages near Manachanallur and Musiri, they also live in Natham Kovilpatti in Dindigul District. They used to be also called as "Kaaniyalan Vellalar" (Tamil: காணியாளன் வெள்ளாளர்) in the past.[1][2]

The major occupation of the caste is agriculture.[3]


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