'Round the Square

'Round the Square

'Round the Square is the first online sitcom from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.[1]. 'Round the Square launched on shortstream TV on January 15, 2010. The ensemble web series was developed by Michael Robert Berry and C. Daniel Freund to promote the city of Portsmouth.[2]. 'Round the Square's first season consisted of ten episodes. The series was filmed in a sitcom format and is not a reality show. When viewed sequentially, each episode flows into the next.


Cast & Characters

  • Laurel Wiley as Cheryl Calaghan, a woman who faces losing her apartment and her business in the pilot season.
  • G. Matthew Gaskell as Nate, the mentor of the group.
  • Pietro D'Alessio as Evan, a bartender, waiter, actor, and occasionally works with Nate. Evan was created as homage to Portsmouth's large art community.
  • Danica Carlson as Andrea, a personal trainer. Andrea is the most competitive of the group and never turns down a challenge.
  • Brian Paul as John "Jack" Dowe, a school teacher who moves in with Evan in the pilot episode. Jack and Evan were college roommates.
  • Emily Briand as Mae "Emily", a transient who goes by Emily to hide her criminal past. Mae answers Cheryl's ad for a roommate and settles in Portsmouth.

Recurring characters

  • Zach, played by Kevin Baringer, Cheryl's landlord. Zach is obsessed with Cheryl. Though Zach was born in Rye, New Hampshire, Zach fakes a Russian accent in the belief it would make Cheryl desire him.
  • Nick Navakoff, played by series creator / Director Michael Robert Berry. Andrea's ex-boyfriend.

Season one

  • Cheryl Calaghan is being forced to close her bead store. Subsequently she must take a roommate if she is going to keep her apartment in Portsmouth. Mae "Emily" answers her ad. Cheryl reluctantly allows Mae to move in only after she falsely believes Mae to be homeless.
  • Evan can no longer afford to pay his rent after not being able to get paying acting jobs. Evan is contacted by his old college friend, John Dowe. John was hired as a high school history teacher and needs a place to live. The living arrangement between John and Evan are not ideal. Evan has not altered his lifestyle since college and John is obsessed over image.
  • Andrea meets Nick Navakoff, who makes her question her style of living. Andrea becomes very unhappy and wonders if she is sacrificing living her life for fitness.


The webseries launched on a live "question and answer" premiere of The Uncle Phil Radio Show (WSCA-FM Portsmouth) on January 15, 2010. 'Round the Square generated over 180,000 hits in its first month. Over 3,000 people were watching the series within seven weeks. 'Round the Square has been praised as bringing national attention to Portsmouth. The episodes, however, have been criticized for their short, 3-8 minute runtime. Because the series is ensemble, fans complain over having to wait to see their favorite character(s). The small, but ambitious four person crew have been revered for producing the first season entirely out of pocket and rivaling network productions [3].



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