Badger Boys State

Badger Boys State
Badger Boys State

Badger Boys State Full State Picture
Abbreviation BBS
Motto "Investing In Our Youth For a Stronger Wisconsin"
Formation April 8, 1939
Type Not-For-Profit Corporation
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus "To educate our youth in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship."
Headquarters Portage, WI
Location Ripon, WI
Region served Wisconsin
Membership 68,000
Official languages English
Chairman of the Board Russell Hanseter
Parent organization American Legion
Affiliations American Legion Department of Wisconsin
Staff 1
Volunteers 120
Website http:\\

Badger Boys State is a week-long youth program held each June to teach Wisconsin high-school students leadership and the workings of government. Forty-nine states[1] (all except for Hawai'i) have a similar yet distinctive program for boys[2] and a separate program for girls.[3] The program hosts approximately 850 students (called citizens while attending the program) and over 100 volunteer staff members for 8 days on the Ripon College campus. During the week, a mock government is created as citizens elect leaders in 27 cities, 8 counties, and a "51st" state that encompasses the entire program.

Badger Boys State has helped in the growth and training of a number of notable members of society, including Wisconsin governors Scott Walker, Scott McCallum and Martin Schreiber.[4] The staff and the American Legion seek to provide an educational experience to those who attend the program. Many citizens find the experience memorable and impactful[5]



During the mid-1930s, an American Legion program known as Boys State was originated in Illinois. In October 1938, the State Executive Committee of the Wisconsin American Legion authorized Alonzo Cudworth Post No. 23, Milwaukee, to proceed with its plans for the organization of Badger Boys State.

Badger Boys State adopted a program based upon the experience of the Illinois Boys State which was sponsored by the Illinois American Legion and had been in operation since 1935. Four hundred eighty-four high school juniors attended the first session of Badger Boys State at St. John's Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin, June 16–23, 1939. The project proved very successful and was unanimously authorized to proceed as a state program by the Wisconsin American Legion Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The individuals responsible for founding the Badger Boys State program officially on April 8, 1939 were:

  • William E. Fletcher
  • Benjamin Pettitt
  • Ashley Swan
  • Steven Shepherd
  • Henry C. Fuller, Secretary - Milwaukee
  • Lawrence H. Smith, Vice President - Racine
  • George D. Haupt, Treasurer - Milwaukee
  • Grover C. Fillbach, Director - Milwaukee
  • Herbert H. Helble, Director - Appleton
  • Henry O. Regner, Director - West Bend
  • G. H. Stordock, Director - Milwaukee
  • Major George E. Ballhorn, Director - Milwaukee

Due to the limited capacity of St. John's Military Academy, a survey of the various college facilities throughout the state was made in 1941 which resulted in moving Badger Boys State to its present location at Ripon College (Wisconsin). Ripon College's entire facilities are made available for the purpose of accommodating Badger Boys State.

Wartime restrictions forced the suspension of operations in 1943, 1944 and 1945. Badger Boys State resumed its sessions in 1946 with a memorial service for 35 former Badger Boys Staters who gave their lives in the service of their country.

The operation of an actual session of Badger Boys State and the execution of its program now requires a full-time volunteer staff of over one hundred people, plus a part-time special lecture staff of 45. Attendance has grown from 484 in 1939 to an all-time high of 1,066 in 1982. Ripon College was forced to place some restrictions on space in the late 1980s whereby total citizen attendance is restricted to 973 per session.

Many Badger Boys State graduates serve public office or work in business, the professions, industry, and the armed forces.[6]

Elected Positions

City Level

  • Mayor: The Mayor is the head of city government.
  • City Clerk: The City Clerk is the official record keeper of the city.
  • City Treasurer: The City Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, investment, disbursement and safekeeping of all City funds and property.
  • City Attorney: The City Attorney acts as legal advisor and counsel for the City Council, Mayor, and City departments; represents the City in litigation; coordinates activities with other departments; and provides highly complex staff assistance to the City Council.
  • Municipal Judge: Hears cases such as appeals of the City Board of Review determinations, criminal actions.
  • City Assessor: The City Assessor provides oversight, direction and supervision for the assessing of real and personal property for tax purposes, and subsequent preparation of the assessment roll.
  • Aldermen: Aldermen are elected by wards. The five aldermen constitute the City Council, which is presided over by the Mayor.
  • State Senator: State Senators are state officers for the purpose of Boys State.
  • State Representative: State Representatives are state officers for the purpose of Boys State. Two are elected from each city.

County Level

  • County Executive: The head of the executive branch of government in a county.
  • County Clerk: Responsibilities typically include election administration, the collection and filing of vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses.
  • County Treasurer: A State Constitutional Officer, whose directive is taken from various sections of Wisconsin Statutes and County Codes and Ordinances.
  • Sheriff: The law enforcement agency of the county and state government.
  • District Attorney: The highest officeholder in the jurisdiction's legal department and supervises a staff of assistant district attorneys.
  • Register of Deeds: The government office that maintains records of transfers of real estate, as well as many other public documents.
  • Circuit Court Judge: The chief duty is jurisdiction in all cases involving the violation of county ordinances, state laws and of civil suits that may be brought before him.
  • Circuit Court Clerk: Officer of the court whose responsibilities include maintaining the records of a court.
  • County Board of Supervisors: The supervisors have the ability to pass and repeal laws, generally called ordinances like in cities.

State Level

  • Governor: Leads the executive branch including power to sign or veto legistation.
  • Lieutenant Governor: Presides over the Senate and fulfills the duties of governor if that office vacates.
  • Secretary of State: Attests all executive orders, commissions, and certificates issued by the Governor.
  • State Treasurer: Custodian of all funds and general equipment belonging to the government of Boys State.
  • Attorney General: Legal advisor to all state officials and agencies.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: At Badger Boys State, he conducts an investigation amount citizenship relative to their attitude toward the program.
  • Justice of the Supreme Court: Sit as a member of the Supreme Court and hear all arguments in connection with cases before the court.

Weekly Program Schedule

1941 Schedule

First Day - SATURDAY, June 21 - Registration • Election of Ward/City, and County Committeeman • Party Caucuses, city and county.

Second Day - SUNDAY, June 22 - Church Services by Protestant and Catholic Chaplains • Low, Civil Service, Peace Officers and other schools in session • Nomination of Candidates for City Offices • Campaigning.

Third Day - MONDAY, June 23 - All schools in session " Election of City Officials • City government commences to function • Municipal Court starts sessions • Nomination of Candidates for County Officest State Assemblymen and Senators • Campaigning.

Fourth Day - TUESDAY, June 24 - All schools in session • Election of all County Officials, and State Legislators • County government functions • Senate and Assembly organize • Nominations for state offices in the Primary Election • Plenty of campaigning!

Fifth Day - WEDNESDAY, June 25 - Schools in session, with Final Examinations for law, Civil Service, and Peace Officers, and awarding of certificates • Primary Election for State Offices • City and County governments function • Municipal and County Courts in session • Final Campaigning for State Offices.

Sixth Day - THURSDAY June 26 - Election of State Officials • City and County governments functioning • State Legislature in session • Municipal and County Courts continue sessions • (Evening) Formal Inauguration of the Governor and other Boys State Officials. The oath of office will be administered by Chief Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Seventh Day - FRIDAY June 27 - All units of Boys State government functioning • All courts, including State Supreme Court, in session • Athletic Contests • (Evening) Governor's Ball.

Eighth Day - SATURDAY June 28 - All governmental units in final sessions • Final General Assembly • Presentation of Diplomas, class pins and other awards • Farewell Dinner. 12 o'clock (noon) followed by adjournment.


  • 2011 Matthew Walker ; Wauwatosa
  • 2010 Connor Zwick ; Waukesha
  • 2009 Rory Ferreira ; Kenosha
  • 2008 Billy Entringer ; Mt. Calvary
  • 2007 Osahon Okundaye ; Neenah
  • 2006 Joseph Beaudoin ; Menomonee Falls
  • 2005 Ignacio Meneses ; Madison
  • 2004 Walter Bond ; Milwaukee
  • 2003 Samuel Katz ; Madison
  • 2002 Marcus Lewis ; Black River Falls
  • 2001 Christopher Grace-Moore ; Milwaukee
  • 2000 Luke Naegele ; Waukesha
  • 1999 Bryan Lattimore ; Milwaukee
  • 1998 Michael Dyer ; Wisconsin Rapids
  • 1997 Andrew Krajnik ; Mishicot
  • 1996 Matthew E. Kopac ; Whitefish Bay
  • 1995 Jelani A. Canser ; Milwaukee
  • 1994 R. Teig Whaley-Smith ; Milwaukee
  • 1993 Timothy J. Seipel ; Sheboygan
  • 1992 Chivas O. Owens ; Milwaukee
  • 1991 Ge Vue ; Kaukauna
  • 1990 Lafayette Crump ; Milwaukee
  • 1989 Ernest H. Bivins ; Milwaukee
  • 1988 Peter Schiefelbein ; Oshkosh
  • 1987 Corey D. Woods ; Milwaukee
  • 1986 Dominic L. Williams ; Milwaukee
  • 1985 Karl S. Gashler ; Abbotsford
  • 1984 Philip A. Meyer ; Greendale
  • 1983 David P. Eich ; Appleton
  • 1982 James S. Kent ; West Bend
  • 1981 Dean M. Vernon ; Milwaukee
  • 1980 Vidur Mahadeva ; Oshkosh
  • 1979 Christopher R. Hutchison ; Waukesha
  • 1978 N. Neville Reid ; Milwaukee
  • 1977 Gregory D. Zlevor ; Racine
  • 1976 Kabir S. Mahadeva ; Oshkosh
  • 1975 Patrick J. Bruer ; Eau Claire
  • 1974 Bryan N. Massingale ; Milwaukee
  • 1973 David M. Kisner ; Wisconsin Rapids
  • 1972 Kenneth T. Ramsey ; Milwaukee
  • 1971 James F. Zender ; Wausau
  • 1970 Roger C. Berg ; Shawano
  • 1969 John Jungbacker ; Oshkosh
  • 1968 Keith Bakken ; Mt. Horeb
  • 1967 Tim Higgins ; Appleton
  • 1966 Gary McCartan ; Wauwatosa
  • 1965 Pat Toppins ; Appleton
  • 1964 David B. Marth ; Wausau
  • 1963 John. I. Clark ; Racine
  • 1962 August Gnorski ; Kenosha
  • 1961 William Lacy ; Port Washington
  • 1960 Willie Rogers ; Racine
  • 1959 Charles W. Asher ; Sturgeon Bay
  • 1958 Kevin Kersten ; Milwaukee
  • 1957 Alwin L. Jarreau (Al Jarreau) ; Milwaukee
  • 1956 Thomas E. Hart ; Milwaukee
  • 1955 William A. Steiger ; Oshkosh
  • 1954 William Ellman ; Waupun
  • 1953 Richard Aaron ; Milwaukee
  • 1952 Julius Temkin ; Beaver Dam
  • 1951 Richard Gascoigne ; Kohler
  • 1950 James Moore ; Racine
  • 1949 Ken Turner ; Racine
  • 1948 Allan redman ; Shawano
  • 1947 Joseph Murphy ; La Crosse
  • 1946 Henry Meyer ; Richland Center
  • 1943 - 1945 No Sessions
  • 1942 Gerald De Motts ; Sheboygan
  • 1941 John R. Lewis ; Eau Claire
  • 1940 William Burton, Jr. ; Appleton
  • 1939 Ervin P. Wolfe, Jr. ; Sheboygan

2011 Governor Matt Walker is the son of current Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker, a BBS alumni himself.

Boys Nation Senators

  • 2011 Brian Jacobs (Franksville) ; Tyler Thomsen (Waukesha)
  • 2010 Zachary Henderson (Marshall) ; Connor Zwick (Waukesha)
  • 2009 Nicholas Bohrer (Eau Claire) ; Ivan Fan (Appleton)
  • 2008 Troy Tauber (Sturgeon Bay) ; Patrick Revord (Appleton)
  • 2007 Alex Palmer (Elm Grove) ; Daniel Ewert (Germantown)
  • 2006 Joe Francaviglia (New Berlin) ; Zach Dugan (DeForest)
  • 2005 Charles Workinger (Marshfield) ; Michael Noshay (Menomonee Falls)
  • 2004 Riley Catlin (Rhinelander) ; Andrew Christman (Mequon)
  • 2003 William Davison (Lake Mills) ; Michael Gaspar (Waukesha)
  • 2002 Daniel R. Suhr (Mequon) ; Trent Benishek (McFarland)
  • 2001 Bradley Vogel (Kiel) ; Dane Skillrud (Dane)
  • 2000 Brandon Dimond (Greenbay) ; Ryan Tilot (Denmark)
  • 1999 Jon Fitzsimmons (Shorewood) ; Bryan Early (Janeville)
  • 1998 Erik Eisenmann (Waukesha) ; Michael Vilitchka (Wausau)
  • 1997 Doug Conners (New Berlin) ; Daniel Peterson (Waukesha)
  • 1996 Dante Houston (Milwaukee) ; John Bauer (West Allis)
  • 1995 Clifton Parker (Wautoma) ; Thomas (Sahr Lublin)
  • 1994 Benjamin E Kinney (Whitefish Bay)
  • 1993 Gabriel L Stanek (Neenah) ; Jay B Varkey (Brookfield)
  • 1992 Daneil A Volkmann (Ripon) ; Joshua D Rogaczewski (West Allis)
  • 1991 Mark J Muehl (Stevens Point) ; Daniel P Goemans (Wauwatosa)
  • 1990 John M Richardson (Oshkosh) ; Penn R Vieau (Green Bay)
  • 1989 Eric A Lundberg (Germantown) ; Jeffrey S Nelson (Rhinelander)
  • 1988 Joseph M Eckberg (Green Bay) ; James R Wall Jr (Greenleaf)
  • 1987 Matthew M Knott (Lake Geneva) ; Erik D Rydberg (Appleton)
  • 1986 James R Vyvyan (Union Grove) ; Randall Dean Wickman (Ripon)
  • 1985 Scott Walker (Delavan)[7] ; Jeff J Bowen (Wausau)
  • 1984 Grant E Grudzina (Lancaster) ; Steven L Bray (Wauwatosa)
  • 1983 Scott A Shuda (Stevens Point) ; Daniel J Hurdle (Oconomowoc)
  • 1982 Dennis S Schell (Baraboo) ; Jay F Hein (Shawano)
  • 1981 Peter A Pranica (Sobieski) ; Douglas J Binzak (Menomonee Falls)
  • 1980 Christopher M natzke (Oconomowoc) ; Larry massen (Arkdale)
  • 1979 Stephen R Litzow (Elm Grove) ; Michael E O'Neill (Osseo)
  • 1978 Brian J Donovan (Fond Du Lac) ; Jeffrey G Stellrecht (Shell Lake)
  • 1977 Martin J Wojtysiak (Genoa City) ; Thomas T Barney (LaCrosse)
  • 1976 Eric D Kovacic (Milwaukee) ; Michael L Schowalter (Wauwatosa) ; Bradford L Smith (Appleton)
  • 1975 Christopher G Kinast (Boloit) ; Daniel T Heaney (Beloit)
  • 1974 Douglas L Schmidt (Appleton) ; John C Sommerer (Wauwatosa)
  • 1973 Robert L Illinski (Marshfield) ; David M Kisner (Wisconsin Rapids)
  • 1972 Peter J Biersteker (Combined Locks) ; Andrew M Paul (Madison)
  • 1971 Jon e Willman (Manitowoc) ; Alan D Deda (Oshkosh)
  • 1970 David L Hall (LaCrosse) ; Mark S Scheller (Wauwatosa)
  • 1969 Robert S Barwa (Franklin) ; Peter R Pivonka (Cato)
  • 1968 Jerome C Olin (Centuria) ; Evan J Cutting (Wausau)
  • 1967 Ronald W Woerpel (Madison) ; Thomas H Boettcher (Madison)
  • 1966 R Peter Henschel (Wauwatosa) ; Mark A Mangerson (Rhinelander)
  • 1965 Daniel H Schmitt ; James W Koleas
  • 1964 David J Boeklke (Eau Claire) ; David B Marth (Wausau)
  • 1963 Brent W Poppenhagen (Sheboygan) ; Thomas G Smith (Seymour)
  • 1962 Richard L Schwaab ; Thomas A Heberlein
  • 1961 John L Froiland (Viroqua) ; John T Blakely (Beloit)
  • 1960 Jay A Zymmerman (Milwaukee) ; Mark A Gennvich (Merrill)
  • 1959 Barry D Gaberman (Madison) ; Charles W Asher Jr (Sturgeon Bay)
  • 1958 Charles H Klopf (Wauwatosa) ; Michael E Wheeler (Platteville)
  • 1957 Lee Huebner (Sheboygan) ; Thomas Petri (Fond du Lac)
  • 1956 Thomas N Hart (Milwaukee) ; Edward O Sandvold (Fort Atkinson)
  • 1955 William A. Steiger (Oshkosh) ; Jerry C Hock (Green Bay)
  • 1954 Richard A Chilgren (Eau Claire) ; William J Ellmann (Waupun)
  • 1953 Richard I Aaron (Milwaukee) ; John F Pomperin (La Crosse)
  • 1952 Richard C Hotuedt (Wauwatosa) ; William A Heins (Eau Claire)
  • 1951 Richard Holt Gascoigne (Kohler) ; William G. Marshall (Madison)
  • 1950 Joel P Smith (Delavan) ; James K Moore (Racine)
  • 1949 Kenneth Turner (Racine) ; Mike Hammond (Appleton) ; Norbert Esser (Madison)
  • 1948 Allan R Redman (Shawano) ; Fortney H Stark Jr (Wauwatosa)
  • 1947 Gerald T Flom (Menasha) ; J William Murphy (LaCrosse)
  • 1946 Kenneth M Sachtjen (Madison) ; Henry B Meyer (Richland)

Board of directors

Member[8] Position Held Home Town
Russell H. Hanseter Chairman of the Board/Director Emeritus Seymour
Wayne Jensen President Milwaukee
David Schuler Vice President Chicago, IL
Ted Duckworth Director New Lisbon
Lloyd Wagener Treasurer Horicon
Al Richards Assistant Treasurer Grafton
David A. Kurtz Executive Secretary Portage
Nathan Grunewald MD Assistant Executive Secretary Brookfield
Erik Brown Member Waunakee
Mike Feirer Member Marshfield
George Fix Member Pewaukee
John Cumicek Member Seymour
Fred Berns Member Whitehall
Bud Mautz Member Madison
Bill Cosh Member Lodi
Americanism Chairman
Denise Rohan Department Commander
Commander Robert Batty Past Department Commander Cedarburg

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