Emile Czaja

Emile Czaja
Emile Czaja
Ring name(s) King Kong
Billed height 6 ft
Billed weight 400+
Born 1909
Died 1970
Billed from Sydney
Debut 1937
Retired 1956

Emile Czaja, also known by his ring name King Kong, was an Indian professional wrestler active from 1937 until 1956.


Professional wrestling career

Czaja started his professional career in India in 1937.[1] He was given the name "King Kong" after playing the part of King Kong in an Indian movie.[1] In 1945, he wrestled Hamida Pehelwan in front of approximately 200,000 spectators in Lahore, India.[2] He frequently wrestled for over 100,000 fans.[2]

He wrestled mostly in Japan, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. In professional wrestling his arch rivals were Sheik Ali and Dara Singh.[1]

On November 16, 1955 in the Japan Wrestling Association (JWA), King Kong and Tiger Jokinder defeated JWA founder Rikidōzan and Harold Sakata in a two out of three falls tournament final to crown the inaugural JWA All Asia Tag Team Champions.[3] They later vacated the title after the tag team split up.[3] On November 22 of that year, however, Rikidōzan defeated King Kong to become the inaugural JWA All Asia Heavyweight Champion.[4]

After marrying in 1956, he continued his pro-wrestling career using Sydney as his headquarters. He wrestled Lou Thesz for the world title in Singapore.

Personal life

He settled down in Australia after he married Ellie in 1956. He died in Singapore in a car crash in 1970 on his way to a wrestling match.[1]

Championships and accomplishments


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