Dirty Talk (Wynter Gordon song)

Dirty Talk (Wynter Gordon song)
"Dirty Talk"
A portrait shaded in sepia featuring the front facial profile of an African-American woman. The top right of the portrait features the initials 'w g' in stylised yellow font. Below the 'w' in standard, reduced, white, capital letter font is the name 'Wynter Gordon' and in further reduced font below the name is the title 'Dirty Talk'.
Single by Wynter Gordon
from the album With The Music I Die
Released February 17, 2010 (2010-02-17)
(See release history)
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded 2009
Genre Dance, House
Length 3:16
Label Big Beat
Writer(s) Michael Caren, Gregory Ferguson, Diana Gordon, Nicole Morier, Norman White[1]
Producer Jupiter Ace
Wynter Gordon singles chronology
"Dirty Talk"
Dirty Talk (The Remixes)
EP by Wynter Gordon
Released March 23, 2010 (iTunes)
Genre Dance, House
Label Big Beat
Producer Jupiter Ace

"Dirty Talk" is a song by American recording artist Wynter Gordon, taken from her debut studio album, With The Music I Die. It was released in the United States on February 17, 2010. The song was written by Gordon, Michael Caren, Gregory Ferguson, Nicole Morier and Norman White and produced by Jupiter Ace. "Dirty Talk" is a dance-pop song backed by a house beat, inspired by a bedroom fantasy. Gordon has stated that the song is a lyrical product of her and her girlfriends goofing around in the studio.

The song was well-received from critics. It was praised for its naughty lyrics and fun production. "Dirty Talk" topped the US Hot Dance Club Songs and the Australian Singles Chart. Its accompanying music video was directed by Armen Djerrahian and premiered on July 19, 2010.



"Dirty Talk" was written by Wynter Gordon in collaboration with Michael Caren, Gregory Ferguson, Nicole Morier and Norman White. It was written after Gordon "finally found her lane in dance music" after she previously wrote genre varied songs for the likes of Mary J. Blige. "Dirty Talk" acts as Gordon's debut single as a solo artist. She mentioned: "Being featured on 'Sugar' with Flo Rida was great but there's nothing like having your own song."[2]

"Dirty Talk" has been said to be about Wynter Gordon singing about bedroom fantasies. The song's lyrics were a product of her and co-writer Nicole Morier goofing around in the studio, trying to think of "sexy things".[2][3] Speaking to AtlanticRecords.com, Gordon stated the song was not about anyone in particular. She said:

It came about when my friend and I were in the studio just joking, laughing and pulling up words on the computer from different sites. It was meant to be more of a joke than a real song and it just happened to come out great![4]

According to Morier in an interview with HitQuarters: "We were just being silly but on the other side I thought it had this really great catchy melody, and I love the chorus. I don’t think either of us at the time thought it would end up being her launching single."[3]


Wynter Gordon and her three different appearances in the music video.

"Dirty Talk" premiered and was first made available for digital download internationally on Gordon's official website on February 17, 2010. Remixes of the song by Laidback Luke, Kim Fai and Hagenaar & Albrecht were also confirmed to follow in accompanyment of the single.[5] A day later the song was available to buy on iTunes in the United States.[6] The song then premiered for airplay on New York City radio station WWPR-FM on February 22, 2010.[7] On March 1, a snippet of the Hagenaar & Albrecht remix was leaked.[8] The full Hagenaar & Albrecht remix together with remixes by Laidback Luke, Kim Fai and Ocelot were then made available for download in EP format on March 23, 2010.[9] A second remix EP was then made available in the U.S. featuring remixes by Chew Fu, Electrolightz, Saul Ruiz, Watchmen and Jeremy Word on May 4, 2010.[10] A limited edition nine-track Digital Remix EP of "Dirty Talk" was purchasable on June 10, 2010.[11]

For the UK release of the song some of the lyrics were re-recorded because of the songs sexual nature. this version of the single has been used when being played on music stations.

Music video

There have been two music videos released for the song, the first directed by Armen Djerrahian, premiered on July 19, 2010 and has a magical fairytale theme to it.[12]

The second version premiered on Youtube on November 16, 2010. It shows Gordon in various costumes, make-up & wigs. And, many 'magical-like' effects and edits were done. In her first appearance, she dons two short pig tails, in her next appearance, she wore a long, black-haired wig with redish-purple bangs wearing a red, blue & purple coloured dress. In her next scene, she wears the same long-haired wig, but, with yellow bangs instead, and yellow dress. The video flashes to her first and third appearance with her dancing. During her third chorus, the video changes back to her second appearance. In the bridge, Gordon is seen naked with short, uncut hair. And, the video ends with her second appearance.[13]

Critical reception

DJ Ron Slomowicz of About.com positively reviewed "Dirty Talk" calling it a "straight up club track that is down and dirty." Slomowicz went on to compliment the song's production saying: "The production is fun and bouncy and does a good job of getting you into the groove."[14]

Robert Copsey of Digital Spy UK gave the song 4 out of 5 stars, stating that Over the last 12 months, countless pop acts - both new and established - have turned their toes towards the dancefloor. That said, few have pulled it off with the finesse and sophistication of a Robin S, Sonique or Ultra Naté, artists whose club classics remain the staple of a good night out donkeys' years on. Cue Wynter Gordon, who, having already teamed up with disco bigwigs David Guetta and Freemasons, is ready to launch herself as a proper dance artiste. "Kitten heels, lingerie / Pantyhose, foreplay," she purrs over club beats bouncier than a space-hopper - and if the never-ending list of ways she gets her fella going isn't especially your thing, the hi-NRG chorus that sounds like a lost '90s classic will likely make up for it. "I'm no angel," she boasts on said chorus, before proceeding to request everything from a blindfold to hot wax to "S&M on the floor", rather prompting the response, 'Oh love we get it, you don't live your life like a nun!'.[15]

Chart performance

Following release during July 2010, the single managed to reach the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs on the week ending 24 July 2010; having been preceded by Alexis Jordan and was succeeded by British electro pop group Goldfrapp.[16] "Dirty Talk" also debuted on the ARIA Chart at number 77 on 6 December 2010, where after four weeks cracked the Top 10; by climbing to number 5 on 10 January 2011. A week later, the single rose 4 places to the top spot, where it stayed for 3 weeks before being knocked to number 2 by Rihanna's "S&M".[17] In Ireland the song debuted at number 30 the week ending April 28 and rose all the way to number 8 the following week. In the UK it debuted at number 34 and number 6 on the dance chart. In its second week, it climbed to number 25 where it stayed for 3 weeks, the song stayed inside the Top 40 for 10 weeks. It also peaked at number 2 on New Zealand Official Airplay.[18]

Track listing

  1. "Dirty Talk" — 3:16
  • Dirty Talk Remixes EP (1)[9]
  1. "Dirty Talk" (Laidback Luke Remix) — 6:31
  2. "Dirty Talk" (Kim Fai Remix) — 6:30
  3. "Dirty Talk" (Hagenaar & Albrecht Remix) — 5:56
  4. "Dirty Talk" (Ocelot Mix) — 7:37
  • Dirty Talk Remixes EP (2)[10]
  1. "Dirty Talk" (Chew Fu Remix) — 5:26
  2. "Dirty Talk" (Electrolightz Remix) — 3:25
  3. "Dirty Talk" (Saul Ruiz Remix) — 8:47
  4. "Dirty Talk" (Watchmen Remix) — 5:14
  5. "Dirty Talk" (Jeremy Word Remix) — 6:16
  1. "Dirty Talk" — 3:16
  2. "Dirty Talk" (Laidback Luke Remix) — 6:31
  3. "Dirty Talk" (Chew Fu Remix) — 5:26
  4. "Dirty Talk" (Saul Ruiz Remix) — 8:47
  5. "Dirty Talk" (Electrolightz Remix) — 3:25
  6. "Dirty Talk" (Jeremy Word Remix) — 6:16
  7. "Dirty Talk" (Watchmen Remix) — 5:14
  8. "Dirty Talk" (Hagenaar & Albrecht Remix) — 5:56
  9. "Dirty Talk" (Kim Fai Remix) — 6:30

Charts and certifications

Chart (2010–11) Peak
Australia (ARIA)[20] 1
Australia Dance (ARIA) 1
Belgium (Ultratop 40 Wallonia)[21] 13
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders)[22] 3
Denmark (Tracklisten)[23] 33
France (SNEP)[24] 50
Ireland (IRMA)[25] 8
New Zealand Airplay Chart[18] 2
Romania (UPFR) 85
Scotland (The Official Charts Company)[26] 18
UK Singles (The Official Charts Company)[27] 25
UK Dance (The Official Charts Company)[28] 6
US Hot Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[16] 1


Country Certification
Australia 3× Platinum[29]

Release history

Region Date Format Label
United States[5][6][9][10][11] February 17, 2010 Digital download (Wyntergordon.com) Big Beat Records
February 18, 2010 Digital download (iTunes)
March 23, 2010 Digital Remix EP - Part 1
May 4, 2010 Digital Remix EP - Part 2
June 10, 2010 CD single
Australia[30][31] November 19, 2010 Digital download Warner Music
December 17, 2010 Digital remixes
United Kingdom[32] April 24, 2011 Digital download Big Beat Records


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Preceded by
"Happiness" by Alexis Jordan
Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs number-one single
24 July 2010
Succeeded by
"Alive" by Goldfrapp
Preceded by
"Who's That Girl" by Guy Sebastian featuring Eve
Australian ARIA Singles Chart number-one single
January 17, 2011 – February 6, 2011
Succeeded by
"S&M" by Rihanna

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