List of minor Star Wars bounty hunters

List of minor Star Wars bounty hunters

This article is about minor characters in the fictional "Star Wars" universe who are bounty hunters.

Mol Arcasite

Mol Arcasite is a bounty hunter in the Star Wars novel, "The Trail of the Jedi", part of a Star Wars book series.

Mol Arcarsite is described as cruel and ruthless: she doesn't care if she takes away innocent lives to get her prey, nor does she care if she brings her prey back dead. Mol and four other bounty hunters were hired by Grant Omega to capture Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker for a large sum of money. She first attacked them with a cruiser on Ragoon-6, but the Jedi destroyed her cruiser, and Mol escaped on a swoop bike. However, she did not attack again, for Mol knows not to mess with her prey when her first attack fails badly.


SW Character

position=Bounty hunter
height=1.9 meters
hair= None
weapon= blaster rifle, concussion rifle, grenades
vehicle= CEC YV-666 "Hound's Tooth"
planet= Trandosha
affiliation= None (bounty hunter)| portrayer= Alan Harris

Unfeeling cruelty and often-uncalculating rages have defined the bounty-hunting career of Bossk, who was the son of Cradossk. Being a Trandoshan, Bossk began his career by Wookiee hunting, which is typically considered suicidal if attempted by any other species. During this time, Bossk made quite a name for himself and began accepting bounties on non-Wookiees as well, becoming one of the most powerful bounty hunters criminals have ever had to reckon with.

Earlier in his career, Bossk had a run-in with Chewbacca and Han Solo that left him exceedingly vengeful, even by Trandoshan standards. Bossk and his team had uncovered a Wookiee safe-planet and caught the Wookiees (led by Chewbacca) as they were settling in. Just before Bossk could capture the entire group, which would have been extremely profitable, Han Solo returned and destroyed Bossk's ship by landing on it in the "Millennium Falcon". Bossk was stranded in helpless rage. It is rumored that Bossk then killed his team in spite. After his first ship was destroyed, Bossk purchased The Hound's Tooth and continued his hunting, maintaining a grudge against Chewbacca and Solo.

As the rightful heir of The Bounty Hunters Guild, Bossk had been plotting his father's demise for some time. The Guild was everything to Bossk, and he was aggravated by his father's senile mismanagement. After enacting a coup against Cradossk, Bossk went on a bounty with Boba Fett, IG-88, Zuckuss, and D'harhan. On this mission, Bossk narrowly avoided an assassination attempt by Zuckuss (who was working with Cradossk) by bribing the other hunter to his side. Bossk returned to the Guild unexpectedly, and killed his father as the complex erupted into a massive firefight. After this, The Guild was split in half. Bossk became the leader of The Guild Reform Committee, which consisted mostly of younger hunters, and was fixed on destroying The True Guild, who he saw as old, lazy hunters.

Against his better judgment, Bossk again worked with Boba Fett to track down the rogue stormtrooper Trhin Voss'on't. After nearly dying, Bossk managed to help Fett capture their target, only to double-cross the other hunter. Bossk reasoned that Voss'on't's bounty would finance The Committee's cause in the Bounty Hunter Wars, and he couldn't afford to split the prize. After disabling The Slave I's internal defense systems, Bossk captured Fett on his own ship. Fett foresaw this betrayal and had already hired Zuckuss to back him up after gaining the bounty. Bossk was subdued, and then Zuckuss was also double-crossed. Boba Fett blasted the two hunters out of The Slave I in the only escape pod. Bossk threw a bomb into Fett's ship just before he was launched, which gave the pod enough time to escape.

Even though Han Solo and Chewbacca escaped from him, with help from Luke Skywalker, Bossk was one of 6 hunters hired by Lord Darth Vader to capture Solo. Bossk took it as a point of honor and revenge to capture his Wookiee enemy and human counterpart. He grudgingly teamed up with Tinian I'att and Chenlambec (a bounty hunting team of a human and a Wookie, respectively), believing they had inside information about Solo's whereabouts. In fact, it was a setup to liberate a Wookie prison. Bossk barely survived, and his ship was taken by I'att and Chen to ferry the Wookiees back. At some point, he stole his ship back.

Quite some time later, after Boba Fett's "death", Bossk had another run-in with Boba. He was forced to abandon The Hound's Tooth in panic due to a bomb. Again, Bossk found himself humiliated in an escape pod by Boba Fett. He was frightened by another false bomb threat in the escape pod. He realized that he had been scared off his own ship, and he now knew that Fett hadn't in fact been killed by the Sarlacc and was now using The Hound's Tooth. Bossk landed on the surface of Tatooine, where he was stranded without resources. He had stolen damaging evidence from the Slave I that led up to another showdown with Fett in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Bossk held his ground against Fett, insisting on payment for the evidence, even at gun point. Boba Fett conceded and paid Bossk handsomely for the evidence. Bossk used this money and new respect earned for defeating Boba Fett to return to bounty hunting. It is unknown when or if he retrieved The Hound's Tooth and what he did with his credits.

Bossk and Han Solo again crossed paths during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The incident, which takes place in the New Jedi Order novel , occurs on Ord Mantell just before the Command Fleet of the Vong was about to bombard the planet. Han Solo and his ex-smuggler friend Roa are searching for another smuggler when they run into Bossk and some friends in a bar. Bossk picks a fight with "Solo". After Solo breaks the Trandoshan's snout, they are all imprisoned, but Solo and Roa eventually escaped, leaving Bossk behind.

Bossk's ultimate fate is unknown. Although, being almost 90, he has most likely retired from professional bounty hunting.


*After killing Cradossk, Bossk kept his father's bones according to Trandoshan tradition, and often stroked them in bouts of sentimental reverie.
*Bossk killed Hal Horn, Corran Horn's Father, and was later released by Kirtan Loor.


The droid assassin known as C-3PX was made just like any other protocol droid. It was placed in the service of Darth Maul in the years leading up to the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo. Darth Maul, having no use for a protocol droid, had it modified to become a security droid for his Sith Infiltrator. He built improved sensors, increased strength, and 83 weapons in its chassis, and he altered its programming to help it use these weapons.

On the outside, C-3PX looks just like a standard 3P0 series protocol droid. It has been tinted dark gray and its eyes have been muted so they don't glow in the dark, giving him a better ability to hide. The only other distinguishing mark on it is a black X that has been painted on its head.


SW Character

height=1.8 meters
position=Bounty hunter
weapon= Blaster rifle, concussion grenades, vibroblade, blaster carbine
vehicle=Corellian Jumpmaster 5000 "Punishing One"
planet= Corellia
affiliation= None (mercenary)
portrayer= Morris Bush

Dengar appeared briefly in "The Empire Strikes Back" and can also be spotted among the menagerie of fiends at Jabba's Palace in "Return of the Jedi". The cold bounty hunter and pilot of "Punishing One" was hired by the Empire to hunt down the "Millennium Falcon". He appeared as a middle-aged man of heavy build in dark gray armor with cloth wrapped around his head.

In addition to the reward promised by Vader, Dengar was especially eager to find the "Falcon" from a personal grudge he held against Han Solo, this gave him the nickname"Payback", as he always wanted to get his own back on Han Solo. Dengar injured himself badly in a swoop race with Solo and was forced to take drastic measures to preserve his life; he became a cyborg thanks to Imperial experimentation. The parts of his brain controlling emotions such as compassion, mercy and pity were removed, leaving him a shell of his former self, a completely merciless killer. During much of his career he was considered more ruthless than Boba Fett himself, and usually performed assassinations rather than live captures. Despite all of this, Dengar was not an evil man; he simply couldn't help the fact that the Empire had modified his brain. He was often disgusted at what he had done.

Eventually Dengar would meet a humanoid woman called Manaroo and fall in love. Through sharing her mind with Dengar, Manaroo gave him back his senses of love and compassion. Dengar then renounced his occupation as a bounty hunter, and after a brief spell as partner with Fett, he retired.

Despite showing his face in the films, Dengar wears a face mask that only show his eyes in the Lego: Star Wars videogames.


* Dengar was the one who found Boba Fett after he was "eaten" by the Sarlacc. He rescued him and along with Manaroo and a humanoid female named Neelah were the only people to see Fett's face since he became a bounty hunter.

* In "Dark Force Rising", by Timothy Zahn, Mara Jade is taken prisoner for a short time by a bounty hunter. She later kills the man, and after searching him for identification, finds an ID card that reads Dengar Roth. It was later revealed that this was a forged ID card carried by a man impersonating the real Dengar.
* Dengar appears as a bonus character in the video game .


SW Character

height= Variable
position=Bounty hunter
weapon= Blaster pistols, explosives, powerlance, energy bola, spiked flail
vehicle= Modified swoop speeder bike
planet= unknown
affiliation= Confederacy of Independent Systems (mercenary)
portrayer= Daran Norris

Durge was a Gen'Dai bounty hunter, a nearly unstoppable warrior driven by century-old grudges. Completely encased in his battered high-impact armor, Durge's true form is concealed from all. His armor bears the sigil of the Mandalorians, probably to remind him of his grudge against them. Though he is a bounty hunter, he is on no one's side but his own - he cares not for his employer's wishes, or the monetary reward for his work. He tracks his prey solely for love of the hunt, and to feed his bloodlust which has spanned over hundreds of worlds across nearly two thousand years.

Durge was born two millennia before the fall of the Republic, and was regarded as an ideal example of his kind. But it took a new-found love for violence, along with witnessing bounty hunters in action, that lured Durge away from his tribe and into a lifetime of bloodlust, becoming as a student under the most experienced and dangerous bounty hunters in the universe. About a millennium before the events of "", Durge was in service to one of the few remaining Sith. He faced and fought many Jedi, developing counter moves from every battle. By the time the Sith were wiped out, Durge went into hiding to escape the Jedi. 900 years later, Durge successfully completed a bounty to assassinate the leader of the Mandalorians. But the Mandalorians avenged this when they used Durge's immortality against him, making him an undying victim of many unspeakable tortures before he finally escaped from his captors. Durge was a very strong bounty hunter and one story told of him having both of his arms cut off by a Dark Jedi called Yun and having two high impact metal arms replace them.

It took nearly a century of hibernation to regenerate from the damage the Mandalorians inflicted. But Durge had only become more psychotic and savage during the ordeal, from which he emerged with the intent of killing every last Mandalorian. By the time he reawakened, he learned the Mandalorians had been long dead. Cheated out of his revenge, Durge found purpose eradicating clones of the Mandalorians' best remaining soldier, Jango Fett, when he worked for Count Dooku during the Clone Wars and became his new bounty hunter, replacing both Jango Fett and Cydon Prax. He helped Asajj Ventress in the slaughter of the Gungan's Oma'Duhn colony on the moon of Naboo. Durge was also defeated and seemingly killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Battle of Muunilist, but survived to become a commander of the Separatist army.

Durge was later sent by Count Dooku to take out a Corellian named Drama Korr. In the process of doing this he encountered Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, who were searching for Asajj Ventress at the time. Durge was then seemingly killed by Anakin Skywalker when his escape pod appeared to fall into a star.

Also appearing in the video game, the player encounters Durge. Ordered by Boba Fett, the player finds Durge is intefering in Fett's business. A research facillity on Corellia is revealed to be a spot where Durge gets patched up. Durge is then encountered on Deeja Peek on the planet Naboo. The player must fight through Durge's battle-droids and kill Durge.


SW Character

Greedo confronts Han Solo in Chalmun's Cantina.
hair= None
eyes= Black
position=Bounty hunter
height=1.65 meters
weapon=BlasTech DT-12 heavy pistol
planet= Rodia
affiliation= Jabba the Hutt (mercenary)
portrayer= Paul Blake & Maria De Aragon (uncredited)

Greedo is a Rodian bounty hunter who was killed by Han Solo in the cantina on Tatooine in "". Greedo was attempting to extort money out of Solo when he and Solo got into an altercation wherein Greedo was shot. In the original cinematic release of the film, Greedo does not have a chance to fire his threatened and impending shot. Solo shoots first from under the table, pre-emptively. In the 1997 re-release of the film, Greedo launches a poorly-aimed shot at Solo from about two feet away before Solo fires. George Lucas has said that this "politically-correct" change is to supposedly "enhance" Solo's overall heroism, and (in "Entertainment Weekly") that he had originally planned it this way. The altered scene has irked many fans before and after. In the 2004 DVD version both pull the trigger at about the same time.(Though Han Solo still shoots it before Greedo).

Paul Blake played Greedo in the shots that feature both Greedo and Han Solo in the same frame. For Greedo's closeups, a new articulated head was built for pickups at the end of the shoot, and Maria De Aragon was enlisted to play the Rodian. During pickups, Greedo's costume vest changes significantly, as do his hands. In the original shoot, Greedo has long, suction-cup tipped fingers, and in pickups, he has swollen knuckles and shorter fingers covered by pilot gloves.

In his Expanded Universe storyline (told in the short story "A Hunter's Fate: Greedo's Tale" by Tom and Martha Veitch, in the anthology "Star Wars: Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina"), Greedo fled Rodia at the age of 3 when his father was murdered. His pregnant mother and his two uncles relocated to a new planet along with a clan of peaceful Rodians, known as the Tetsus. The same people who murdered his father eventually tracked down the Tetsus and Greedo's family when he was 15, slaughtering most of the clan. The few that escaped in the clan's hidden spaceships went to Nar Shaddaa. There, the surviving Rodians made their home in the Corellian sector and worked in the business district of level 88. Greedo befriended and became a hangeron to a pair of bounty hunters by saving their lives during an altercation. He later tipped them off about a Rebel enclave located near his clan's residences on level 88 , and received a cut of the Imperial reward; this money came at a considerable price when the Imperials moved in- during the battle, the entire level collapsed from the explosions, killing Greedo's family. He planned to buy his own ship with the money but couldn't resist trying to cut the price by stealing some parts. Unfortunately those parts were intended for the Millennium Falcon and he was caught by an angry Chewbacca. Han took Greedo's prized Rancor-skin jacket as payment. Greedo vowed revenge. After the collapse of level 88, which Greedo and one of the bounty hunters barely escaped, they travelled to Tatooine to work for Jabba the Hutt. Greedo, still eager for revenge eagerly took the contract on Han Solo. Although Greedo's death was on Solo's hands, it was actually Greedo's "mentor" Warhog Goa, who tricked an over-matched Greedo against Solo after he had received a payoff from two Rodian bounty hunters tracking Greedo, who should be credited with his death.

After Greedo's death, his body was ground up by Chalmun's C2-R4 multipurpose droid for his bartender, Wuher. The rare pheromones in Greedo's corpse were the last ingredient Wuher needed to create the perfect drink ("Be Still My Heart: The Bartender's Tale", David Bischoff).

Greedo appeared in a deleted scene in "", picking a fight with Anakin Skywalker when he accused him of cheating the Pod Race. Another Rodian named Wald (Warwick Davis), who is a childhood friend of Anakin does warn Greedo that his arrogance would be his undoing.

In the original Star Wars film, Greedo's dialogue is actually Quechua, the Peruvian native language and official language spoken in the Inca Empire, played in reverse. [ [ IGN: Star Wars Secrets: Sound Effects ] ]


Guchluk is a bounty hunter of unknown species. His only visible weapon is a long blade attached to his left arm. He is contracted by Quaffug the Hutt. He was ordered to hunt down Lando Calrissian along with Dengar, 4-LOM, and Bossk. During the hunt, they were caught in an earthquake, and Lando Calrissian was captured by the Jokhalli. When they failed to catch Lando Calrissian, Quaffug decided to pay them if they could retrieve his remains. They didn't know that Lando had won his freedom in a game of Divot. He led the Jokhalli to capture the four bounty hunters. Guchluk was last seen as a prisoner of the Jokhalli warriors. It is inknown whether he escaped with the other three bounty hunters or not.;References


Montross was a character from the video game and comic book miniseries Jango Fett: Open Seasons. He was a vengeful Mandalorian with a desire to be their leader. He befriended and later betrayed Jaster Mereel, leaving Jango Fett to become the leader of the Mandalorians. After the Mandalorians were almost entirely annihilated at the Battle of Galidraan, Montross became a bounty hunter and was known never to take a bounty in alive, mainly loving the thrill of murder. Jango was one of his greatest enemies, and eventually met his end when Jango shot him down and the Bando Gora ripped him apart, shortly before Jango Fett killed the Dark Jedi Komari Vosa. His armor appears brown in the videogame and blue in the comics, though there is a time gap between the twostories.

Montross was voiced in by actor Clancy Brown, whose likeness was also used to depict him in the cutscenes.


Neelah, a native of Kuat, is a dancer in Jabba the Hutt's palace. She arrived at the palace after Oola, and Oola and the other Twi'Leks taught her what to do. After the events of Return of the Jedi, Neelah finds Boba Fett half digested in the Dune Sea on Tatooine. Boba's armor was eaten away by the Sarlacc's digestive acids, so Neelah left him there for the bounty hunter Dengar, and his wife-to-be Manaroo.

Nobis, Ona

Ona Nobis is a bounty hunter from the planet of Sorrus. In the "" series, she is hired by Jenna Zan Arbor to lure Qui-Gon Jinn to Zan Arbor's headquarters for experiments. Nobis also does Zan Arbor's dirty work on the planet of Belasco. However, she is presumably killed during a fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, when Adi Gallia arrives to help the apprentices and forces her off the Belasco capital tower.

Nobis is bald and pale-skinned. She uses a pinkish-red laser whip and a swoop in combat. She is also known to use daggers at certain points in the series.

Nord, Calo

SW Character

name=Calo Nord
position=Bounty Hunter
height=1.5 meters
weapon=Twin blaster pistols
hair= Grey
vehicle= Swoop Speederbike
eyes= Unknown
planet= Unknown
portrayer= Max Raphael
affiliation=The Exchange, bounty hunter, mercenary

Calo Nord is a character from the game . He is a bounty hunter in the time of the Old Republic, 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He is sold into slavery by his parents. On his 16th birthday he kills his owners and then his parents. He soon becomes a bounty hunter and worked for Davik Kang's Exchange. He nearly dies when the Sith bombs Taris, but survives and takes a contract from the Sith to hunt down Bastila Shan. He is subsequently slain by an amnesiac Darth Revan during the search for the Star Maps.

He is noted for counting up to three when a person annoys him. Unless the person talking to him stops annoying Calo by the count of three, he will kill him, if the person stops, he says "smart" and walks off.

ing, Aurra

SW Character

name= Aurra Sing
species= Possibly Human or Qiraash
gender= Female
hair= Red
height= 1.74 m
eyes= Black
position=Bounty hunter
weapon=Red-bladed lightsaber|, long-range projectile rifle, and short-range pistol. Aurra's long fingers are also capable of drawing blood
planet=Nar Shaddaa
affiliation= Former Jedi (mercenary)
portrayer= Michonne Bourriague
vehicle= Modified Swoop

Aurra Sing is a bounty hunter and former Jedi apprentice, who made a brief appearance in "" during the Podrace scene. It was also revealed in a comic that she had had an encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn years earlier than this when they were sent to a densely populated planet in the Outer Rim to respond to a distress call from fellow Jedi Mana Veridi. Sing killed Veridi just as they arrived. Obi-Wan was telling this story to Han Solo in this comic and said he believed their paths would cross again (they wouldn't as Darth Vader slew Kenobi hours later).

She is portrayed with a mostly bald head surmounted by a sensor implant, a tracker utility vest over orange-red protective body paint, and heavy leather boots for desert travel. The character, or at least the appearance of model Michonne Bourriague, was so popular with fans that the character was expanded into the "Star Wars" comics.

The character was first conceived in a sketch labeled "Baba Fett", by Lucasfilm's Doug Chiang. After that, she appeared in many of the books including the Boba Fett series. She is a ruthless bounty hunter, one of the best. She had captured Boba Fett when he was only at 10. And their paths crossed once again. But then Boba escaped. We don't exactly know what then happened to her, but we know she lived.

Little is known about her. She was born to a human glitterstim addict on the hutt moon Nar Shadaa, where the Dark Woman found her at the age of 2 in 53 BBY. She was taken to Coruscant, and for 7 years was a Youngling. When she was nine years old, she was offworld on a mission with the Dark Woman when her vessel was hijacked by pirates who enslaved her. To lessen her resistance, the pirate told her that she had been sold to them by the Dark Woman. This would have the unintended side effect of engendering enormous hatred of Jedi within Sing. Aurra Sing learned from the pirates all the skills of the pirate trade, until her growing prowess and anger began to suggest to the pirate's leader that she was only learning the better to take her revenge on the pirates. So she was sold to Nooga the Hutt, who intended to turn her into his own personal warrior. She was handed over to the infamous Anzati vampire-assassins, who enhanced her bio-chemically, and taught her all the ways of the assassin. Upon the Anzatis rendition of Sing to Nooga, she killed Nooga and fell to the dark side, becoming the self-proclaimed "bane of the Jedi." As part of her hatred towards the Jedi, she killed at least 6 Jedi for sport, collecting their lightsabers as trophies, much like General Grievous. Sing was the cause of Sharad Hett's death, the father of A'sharad Hett. Sing was employed for a time by Count Dooku, who sent her to find Boba Fett, as the boy was thought to have information vital to the Separatist cause. Upon discovering that young Fett was heir to a large amount of money, Sing attempted to take the money herself. This plan failed, however, when the young Fett escaped her on Aargau.

During an assignment to assassinate a Republic Senator on Devaron, Sing crossed paths with Jedi sent to investigate her, including Aayla Secura, Tholme, and The Dark Woman. She almost killed the latter two in a cave explosion but was defeated and captured instead by Secura, who scarred the bounty hunter and sliced off her bio-computer antenna. Her trophy lightsabers were returned to the Jedi, with Secura personally returning one to a Jedi whose Master Sing killed. Sing was sent to a prison on Oovo IV. It is believed that she escaped the prison when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the planet almost 40 years later.

In the year 40 ABY, Sing was hired by Lalu Morwan of the Hapan Heritage Council to assassinate the Queen Mother of the Hapan Consitoruoim, Tenel Ka. The assassination did not go as planned as Han Solo and Leia Skywalker, attempting to foil the plot, found themselves in the middle of it. Sing eventually came to their rescue and the trio escaped the Royal Palace in the "Falcon". Using the alias Nashtah, Sing ordered Leia and Han to take her to the Telkur Station Cantina, where she was to meet her contact. After a shootout with a Hapan security team, Sing met her contact, Lalu Morwan, and received her next mission: eliminate Tenel Ka's daughter, Allana. Before departing, Sing gave Han a datachip with contact instructions and told him to leave a message when he decided he needed Jacen taken care of. Sing then made her way to Allana by sneaking aboard the "Anakin Skywalker". Jacen intecepts her, and the two duel, which results in Sing receiving a dislocated knee courtesy of Jacen and is rendered unconscious from a tranquilizer by Allana. Sing is then taken into confinement aboard the Skywalker.

She was rumored as seen participating in Jabba's contest around 3 ABY.


SW Character

Zuckuss on the bridge of the "Executor".
position=Bounty hunter
hair= None
height= 1.5 meters
weapon= Snare rifle
portrayer= Catherine Munroe Stage Name Katy Jarret
eyes= Silver
vehicle=Byblos G-1A "Mist Hunter"
planet= Gand
affiliation= None (mercenary)

Zuckuss is a bounty hunter who was hired by Darth Vader to find the "Millennium Falcon". A native of the planet Gand, Zuckuss tracks his prey by using traditional Gand techniques to invoke visions of his prey. He is the owner and pilot of the "Mist Hunter". While working for the Hutts, Zuckuss was teamed with the bounty hunter droid 4-LOM. The atmosphere in Gand has high ammonia content and exposure to oxygen is poisonous to Zuckuss, so he is forced to wear a special mask and suit. His mask, however, does not cover his entire face, revealing his insect-like features.

Zuckuss appears only in the film "The Empire Strikes Back". He was unsuccessful in his search for the Falcon, which was found by Boba Fett. Though he has no lines in the movie, Expanded Universe sources reveal at least two possible personalities of Zuckuss.

One is that Zuckuss often referred to himself in the first person, in spite of the fact that his species habitually refer to themselves in the 3rd person, since the pronoun "I" was reserved only for those who had performed great deeds in the eyes of the community. Due to this oddity in his persona, he was considered by fellow Gand to be insane.

During one hunt, a panicked quarry that he cornered pulled off his breath mask. He instinctively took several deep breaths of the poisonous oxygen thereby scouring his lungs. Without a lung transplant, Zuckuss would have died within a month. To pay for the expenses, he and 4-LOM accepted a bounty and captured Imperial Governor Nardix for the Rebel Alliance, all the while risking retaliation from the Empire. When Zuckuss was aboard the "Executor", he feared that Darth Vader would call him out on the capture, but Vader overlooked the incident to allow him to help find the "Millennium Falcon".

"Tales of the Bounty Hunters" reveals that Zuckuss and 4-LOM went to Hoth to try to find Han Solo, but instead, ended up saving the crew of a wrecked Rebel transport. Zuckuss considered turning them over to the Empire, but instead returned them safely to the Rebel Alliance, which he and 4-LOM joined.

In thanks to his service, the Rebellion used a new kind of therapy to genetically trigger the regrowth of his lungs within him. The Rebellion had developed these new technologies as they also frowned upon the use of cloning.

After his partner's personality was lost, Zuckuss left the Rebellion's service. When the Rebel Alliance became the New Republic, Zuckuss regretted leaving them, as he could have gotten a high government job or military command. Zuckuss mainly worked alone from that point onward, occasionally teaming up with 4-LOM.

In the book series "The Bounty Hunter Wars", Zuckuss speaks in first person and is much more insecure of himself than he is in "Tales of the Bounty Hunters". He is presented early in the first book "The Mandalorian Armor" as working alongside (if not under) Bossk, and he appears hesitant to lead and more inclined to follow.

There is some confusion as to which character is Zuckuss and which is his partner 4-LOM due to their names being switched on their Kenner action figures. Initially, the bug-eyed alien was named 4-LOM by Kenner; and the droid was named Zuckuss. Later on, Lucasarts decided that droids had names with cyphers and letters, and organics had not. Thus, Zuckuss is the alien. He is shorter than 4-LOM and wears a brown robe with various gas tubes attached to his mask.

In the non-canonical Robot Chicken: Star Wars special, Zuckuss is a late night talk show host. After Zuckuss mocks Palpatine and Darth Vader for comedic effect, The Death Star appears in the starfield background and destroys the studio (presumably on orders from a less-than-amused Emperor).

ee also

*Boba Fett
*Jango Fett
*Zam Wesell
*Jodo Kast


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