Han Dang

Han Dang


Han Dang (d.227) was a military general for the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. He was born in the Liaoxi commandery. He became favored by Sun Jian for his fighting skills and served the Sun family loyally for his entire life, serving three generations. He commanded a wing of the Wu Navy at times. At the Battle of Red Cliffs, he rescued Huang Gai, who had been shot by an enemy arrow, and was floating in the river. He helped control the Shan Yue, the "uncivilized" people of the Southeastern China and enemies of the Kingdom of Wu, in the Poyang region. He also served in the campaigns against Guan Yu, and in the Battle of Yiling. He died shortly afterwards.

His son, Han Zong (韩综), was a commander at the garrison of Wuchang under Sun Quan. He, however, defected to Wei, after he believed he was about to be punished for his immorality and bad conduct. He took all the family's possessions, including his father's coffin. He was eventually killed in battle by Mi Fang in December, 252. Zhuge Ke had Han Zong's head chopped off and presented to the temple of Sun Quan, who died eight months ago, since Sun Quan deeply hated Han Zong for his bad behavior.

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