Balloon release

Balloon release

A balloon release occurs when a number of hydrogen or helium-filled balloons are allowed to float into the sky together, or in rapid succession. This may be done for fun, to create a photo opportunity to raise awareness of a cause or campaign, or as a competitive race.

Balloon races

A balloon race or balloon flight contest is a competition wherein the competitors attempt to send balloons as far as possible. Postcards are attached to the balloons which are then released. The flight of the balloons cannot be influenced by the competitors. Instead, success in the contest is dependent on the wind conditions and on the location in which the balloon lands. The contest depends on the goodwill of passers-by to find the balloons and return the postcards. A prize may be awarded to the person whose balloon travels the furthest.


A number of organisations (for example, in the United Kingdom, these include the Marine Conservation Society [ UK Rivers Network; Balloon releases: pollution factsheet] ] , the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Tidy Britain Group, the National Farmers Union and the RSPB [ [ RSPB Marine and coastal policy] ] ) oppose balloon releases, because of the visual impact of the fallen, deflated balloons, and the risk of harm to wildlife and domestic animals which they pose.

For these reasons, balloon releases are prohibited in some jurisdictions. [" [ "Mass balloon releases banned from Council owned land] " Plymouth City Council, England, news release]


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