Military career of Napoleon Bonaparte

Military career of Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
1801 Antoine-Jean Gros - Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole.jpg
Napoleon at the Bridge of the Arcole, by Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, (ca. 1801), Louvre, Paris
Born August 15, 1769(1769-08-15)
Ajaccio, Corsica
Died 5 May 1821(1821-05-05) (aged 51)
St. Helena

The military career of Napoleon Bonaparte spanned over 20 years. As emperor, he led the French Armies in the Napoleonic Wars.

Early career


August 15 - Napoleon born Nabulione di Buonaparte in Ajaccio, Corsica.


December 15 - Napoleon leaves Corsica for France.


January 1 - Napoleon enters religious school at Autun.

May 15 - Napoleon enters cadet school at Brienne.


October 30 - Napoleon enters École Militaire in Paris.


September 1 - Napoleon graduates from École Militaire and is commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant of Artillery.

October 30 - Napoleon reports to first posting with the La Fère Artillery Regiment at Valence-sur-Rhône.


September 1 - Napoleon goes to Corsica on long furlough until June 1788.


June - Napoleon rejoins his regiment at Auxonne, attached to School of Artillery.


September 15 - Napoleon goes on second leave to Corsica, becomes involved in revolutionary activities and attempts to gain favour with Pasquale Paoli.


February 10 - Napoleon returns from Corsica to regimental duty at Auxonne.

April 1 - Napoleon promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

September 1 - Napoleon's third furlough to Corsica.


February 6 - Napoleon promoted to Captain (antedated).

April 1 - Napoleon is elected Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Battalion, Corsican Volunteers. Is implicated in a riot in Ajaccio.

May 28 - Napoleon returns to Paris, instead of rejoining his regiment.

September 15 - Napoleon escorts his sister, Elisa, back to Corsica.


February 22–25 - Napoleon commands artillery during an abortive French landing on Maddalena Island, Sardinia.

March 3 - Napoleon breaks with Paoli, blaming the failed landing on him.

June 13 - Napoleon and his family arrive in Toulon, having been banished from Corsica by Paoli.

August 27 - Toulon handed over to the British by Royalists.

September 16 - Napoleon given command of artillery besieging Toulon.

October 18 - Napoleon promoted to Major.

December 17–19 - Successful recapture of Toulon from British and Royalists.

December 22 - Napoleon promoted to Brigadier General.




Later career

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