USC&GS Carlile P. Patterson

USC&GS Carlile P. Patterson

The USC&GS "Carlile P. Patterson" was a survey ship of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey in operation between 1883 and 1918. The ship was primarily used as a survey vessel off the coast of Alaska and numerous Alaskan features were named by the assorted crews of the steamer. [cite book|title=Geographic Dictionary of Alaska|last=Baker|first=Marcus|edition=2nd ed.|year=1906|city=Washington, D.C.|publisher=Government Printing Office] In 1918, she was transferred to the United States Navy for use as a patrol ship during the end of World War I. [cite web|title=CARLILE P. PATTERSON|work=NOAA History|month=June|day=8|year=2006|accessdate=10-08-2008|url=]


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