Melon is a term used for various members of the Cucurbitaceae family with fleshy fruit. Melon can refer to either the plant or the fruit, which is a false berry. Many different cultivars have been produced, particularly of muskmelons. The plant grows as a vine.This fruit is often mistakenly considered a vegetable, but recent research on biological origin and evolution, as well as historical usage has definitely set it as a -fruit-, even though it can be called a "culinary vegetable".

Culinary vegetables

*Genus "Momordica" Bitter melon
*Genus "Benincasa" Winter melon

Culinary fruit

*Genus "Citrullus" - Watermelon
*Genus "Cucumis"
**"C. metuliferus" - Horned melon
**"C. melo"
***"C. melo cantalupensis". Skin that is rough and warty, not netted. European Cantaloupe and Algerian melon.
***"C. melo inodorus". Canary melon, Casaba, Kolkhoznitsa melon, Hami melon, Honeydew, Navajo Yellow, Piel de Sapo/Santa Claus, Sugar melon, tigger (tiger) melon, and Japanese melons.
***"C. melo reticulatus", true muskmelons, with netted skin. Examples include Bailan melon, , North American "cantaloupe", Galia, Ogen, Persian, Sharlyn melons.
*** Modern crossbred varieties, e.g. Crenshaw (Casaba X Persian), Crane (Japanese X N.A. cantaloupe)

Oilseed sources

*"Cucumeropsis mannii"

ee also

*Melon baller


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