AggFlow is a software application that calculates and analyzes aggregate plant data. AggFlow is intended to be used by aggregate engineers to calculate both the Mass Aggregate Balance and the Mass Water Balance flowing through a rock crushing plant to optimize and maximize production of desired products.


Developed and distributed by BedRock Software, Inc. (BedRock), the first version of AggFlow titled "AggFlow 4.0" was released in 1993. AggFlow was designed to reduce the speed of the calculations aggregate engineers use to optimize quarry operations. The program seeks to improve two main aspects of aggregate operations: identify inefficiencies in the operation and track resources such as emissions that are regulated, fuel consumption and equipment operating capacity.

AggFlow is also used in mining operations and other applications (i.e. water processing) where extensive mass balance calculations are required. In 2006 BedRock Software moved from a single-user license model to a subscription model with an initial purchase price. The company also discontinued releasing numbered versions of the software in favor of simply "AggFlow". AggFlow is currently available in English and French with Spanish, Chinese and other translations in development.

The commercial version of AggFlow requires a dongle) be attached to a computers USB port. These dongles (sometimes referred to by the company as "keys") contain the subscription information the software verifies before running.

Equipment Categories in AggFlow

Crushing Equipment

*Cone Crushers
*Horizontal Shaft Impact Crushers (HSI)
*Jaw Crusher
*Roll Crushers
*Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers (VSI)

creening Equipment

*1-to-4 Deck Screens
*Vibrating Scalpers

Washing Equipment

*Coarse Screws
*Log Washers
*Sand Screws
*Cyclone equipment
*Operating Platform

[ Source: AggFlow Equipment List]

Operating Platform

AggFlow runs exclusively on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Version History

Official Name


Release Date

File Extension


AggFlow 4.0


June 1993


AggFlow 4.1


June 1996


AggFlow 4.2


June 1999


AggFlow 5.0


June 2002


Wash calculation capabilities included

AggFlow 6i


June 2004


"i" means internet capable. This was the first version to update automatically via internet connection.

AggFlow 2006


June 2006


Version releases converted to monthly updates.

AggFlow 2008


July 2008


Water Mass Balance calculations included.

AggFlow 2008


September 2008


French program translation included.

Other AggFlow Versions

AggFlow Demonstration Version

Demonstration version of program with limited functionality. Available upon request.

AggFlow Educational Version

Available to qualifying universities and technical institutions via the AggFlow/Educational Partnership program free of charge.

AggFlow Reader Version

Allows viewing of AggFlow files without operating capabilities.


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Company Links

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