Rholes or Roles was a Getae chieftain in Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja) mentioned by Cassius Dio in his "Roman History".cite book | last = Kamm | first = Antony | title = The Romans | publisher = Routledge | year = 1995 | isbn = 041512039X| pages=49 ] According to Dio, he helped Roman general Crassus defeat the Bastarnae, and when he visited Octavian, he was treated as "a friend and ally" for his support for the Romans. Later he sent for Crassus to help in his conflict with Getae chieftain Dapyx. [cite book | author = Cassius Dio | editor=Scott-Kilvert, Ian; Carter, John | title = The Roman History: The Reign of Augustus | publisher = Penguin Classics | year = 1987 | isbn = 0140444483| pages=85-86 ] These events have been dated to 31-27 BC.


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