The Wild Puffalumps

The Wild Puffalumps

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name = The Wild Puffalumps

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director = Alan Bunce
producer = Michael Hirsh
Lenora Hume
Patrick Loubert
Ronnie Pollack
Clive A. Smith
Heather Walker
writer = Alan Bunce
narrator =
starring = (See article)
music = Stephen Hudecki
cinematography =
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distributor = Family Home Entertainment
released = 1987
runtime = 22 min.
country = USA
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amg_id = 1:54572
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"The Wild Puffalumps" was a 22-minute direct-to-video animated cartoon, based on the Puffalump toy line of the same name. It was produced by Nelvana, and released by Family Home Entertainment in 1987.

This cartoon was intended to act as an advertisement for the “Wild Puffalumps” toy line, which consisted of vividly-colored Puffalumps wearing Aloha shirts and sunglasses whose lenses displayed the word “WILD” when seen at the proper angle. The glasses were large enough that the children who owned the toys could wear them, a fact which was pointed out in the television commercial for the toys.

In the cartoon, the characters all live on an island separate from the rest of the world, much like many other 1980s toy-based cartoon characters (Care Bears, The Wuzzles, et cetera). The two children who visit this place soon find themselves going on a journey, parts of which are like amusement park rides, and the word “wild” is repeatedly emphasized throughout the cartoon. All of this is intended to make the characters fit in with the current cartoon culture, as well as give the impression that the toys on which they’re based are fun and exciting.

The VHS videocassette is currently out of print, and the cartoon was never released on DVD. The Wild Puffalumps toys were sold in 1987 and discontinued the same year.


Kevin and Holly are exploring the attic of their new home when they come across a trunk containing a treasure map and a photograph of some unusual creatures. Realizing that the map leads to a place behind their house, the kids decide to follow it.

The map leads them to an island called the Isle of Wild in the middle of a lake, where they meet Wild Toucan Puffalump, a small toucan-like animal wearing an Aloha shirt and a pair of sunglasses whose lenses flash the word “WILD” whenever he says it. They soon meet other similar creatures, such as Wild Elephant Puffalump and Wild Walrus Puffalump, all dressed in Aloha shirts and flashing sunglasses. The Puffalumps agree to help Kevin and Holly find the treasure, but because Toucan and Elephant disagree about which mode of transport would be best — pogo stick or hot air balloon — they divide into two groups and race to the treasure.

After going through a wild journey, which includes an inflatable boat ride over a waterfall, they all arrive at the treasure, which turns out to be two pairs of flashing sunglasses like the Puffalumps’. After trying them out, Kevin and Holly suddenly find themselves back in their house. They start to believe the whole experience was a dream, until they realize that they’re still wearing the sunglasses.


* Mairon Bennett (Toucan)
* Lisa Coristine (Monkey)
* Victor Erdos (Walrus)
* Jennifer Gula (Elephant)
* Tara Meyer (Panda)
* Adam Simpson (Rhino)
* Tara Strong (Holly)
* Marlow Vella (Kevin)
* Noam Zylberman (Tiger)

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