Comparison of lightweight web servers

Comparison of lightweight web servers

Lightweight web servers are web servers which have been designed to run with very small resource overhead because of hardware, environment, or simply for the challenge of it.[citation needed]

Many of these servers have been created as a mental exercise to determine if a modern webserver could be written to run on limited resources such as those provided in a graphing calculator, a Commodore 64, or in 64 kB (64 KiB) total of memory[citation needed]. Others have been written as commercial or open source endeavors to create webservers with low overhead for embedded systems (network router configuration pages) or low memory requirements.



A list of notable lightweight web servers follows:

Server Creator/Developer Operating Systems Development Language Free software Software license Size (kB) of .tar file[1] Last release version Release date
Boa Paul Phillips Unix C, Perl Yes GPL 1 or above[2] 870 0.94.14rc21[3] 2005-02-23
Cherokee Álvaro López Ortega Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Solaris, BSD C Yes GPL[4] 16440 1.0.18[5] 2011-01-19
Hiawatha Hugo Leisink Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows, Haiku os[6] C Yes GPL 2[7] 1200 7.8.2 2011-11-18[8]
HTTP File Server Massimo Melina (aka rejetto) Windows Delphi Yes GPL 600 2.2f 2009-02-17
IIS Express Microsoft Windows  ? No Closed source 3985 7.5 2011-01-18
KLone Koan Logic Srl Most platforms C Yes GPL 130 2.4.0 2011-05-02
lighttpd Jan Kneschke Unix, Linux, Windows C Yes BSD[9] 3520 1.4.29[10] 2011-07-03
Mongrel Zed A. Shaw Unix, Linux, Windows Ruby Yes GPL 2 or Ruby License[11] 400 1.1.5 2008-05-22[12]
NanoHTTPD Jarno Elonen Java enabled, including mobile Java Yes Modified BSD 33 1.24 2011-08-04
nginx Igor Sysoev Unix-like, Windows C Yes BSD 3960 1.0.6[13] 2011-09-05
Perlbal Brad Fitzpatrick Any OS with Perl Perl Yes GPL / Artistic 590 1.73 2009-10-13
TJWS Dmitriy Rogatkin Java enabled, including mobile Java Yes BSD 105688 1.93 2011-10-10
MochiWeb  ? Erlang VM Erlang Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?
thttpd Acme Labs Unix C Yes BSD 406.0[14] 2.25b 2003-12-29
Tntnet Tommi Mäkitalo Unix C++ Yes LGPL  ?  ?  ?
UIP Adam Dunkels Embedded 8bit C ?  ? ?  ?  ?
Server Creator/Developer Operating Systems Development Language Open source Software license Size (kB) of .tar file[1] Last release version Release date

Operating system support

Server Windows Linux Mac OS X BSD Solaris QNX standalone software
Boa ? Yes ? ? ? ? No
Cherokee Yes[15][16][17] Yes Yes[citation needed] Yes[18][19][20] Yes ? No
Hiawatha Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? No
HTTP File Server Yes No No No ? ? No
IIS Express Yes No No No No ? No
KLone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
lighttpd Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No
Mongrel Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? No
NanoHTTPD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
nginx Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No
Perlbal Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? No
TJWS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
thttpd No Yes Yes[21] Yes Yes ? No
Tntnet No Yes ? ? ? ? No
UIP ? Yes ? ? ? ? Yes

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