Jax Desmond Worldwide

Jax Desmond Worldwide

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company_type = Private military security firm
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location = 360-1461 First Avenue New York, New York, U.S.
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key_people = Graham Eastman
Tylor Cadger-Swain
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The Jax Desmond Worldwide Corporation is one of the world’s leading private military and protective security firms.

The firm has an unrivalled scale and depth of security and life safety resources across the three key markets of the Americas, Asia and Europe and focuses on the core areas of activity: close protection; kidnap, ransom and extortion consultancy; disaster relief; security audits and threat assessments; commodity transportation and of course bespoke services.

The firm is structured around five global practice areas:

Protective Services

Crisis Intervention

Security Advances and Audits

Special Operations

Commodity Transportation.

Jax Desmond Worldwide specializes in the prevention and resolution of kidnapping, extortion, harassment, embarrassment and targeted acts of violence on a global scale.

About Jax Desmond

Jax Desmond, born in October 28 1982, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Jax Desmond Worldwide, the company he founded in 2006 with $1000.00 and a very simple business strategy – to become the world's premier protection firm through sustained investment in managing knowledge and information, and by creating a working culture that enables its people to offer consistently high standards of client service. In just two short years, Mr. Desmond has been listed in more than 15 international news articles including two that have listed Jax Desmond Worldwide among the top five largest private military companies in the United States. Mr. Desmond is a dually certified bodyguard and holds a diploma in counter terrorism as well as advanced certification in combat medicine and international trauma life support. In 2007 he received his CAGE Code from NATO making him a recognized private military contractor to the United States Federal Government.Although he maintains his head office in London, England and another in New York; Mr. Desmond currently resides with his girlfriend Jenina, her son Damon and their cat Molly in Manitoba, Canada.

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