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leader_title = chairman Local Council 5
leader_name = Dr. Philemon Mateke Phd
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Kisoro is the chief town of the Kisoro District of south western Uganda. It lies east of Djomba in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Virunga Mountains. It lies near the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Lake Mutanda and several caves. Known for beekeeping, the town is also home to an airstrip.

Kisoro is inhabited by Bafumbira, comprising Hutu, Tutsi and 'Batwa' tribes. Kifumbira, a dialect similar to Kinyarwanda of the Rwandese is spoken in Kisoro. A section of Kisoro is inhibted by Bakiga whose dialect is in between Rukiga and Rufumbira.

Kisoro gained district status in 1992 from the larger Kabale. Formerly it was known as Bufumbira has four constituencies: Bufumbira South-Hon Bucyanayandi, Bufumbira north-Hon. Silver Bahane, Bufumbira East- Hon. Nsaba Buturo who is also Minister for ethics and integrity in the Museveni government. The fourth slot is for women- Eudia kwizera. Majority of the Bafumbira are pro N.R.M. organisation at least as per last elections and the number of political offices.

It formerly had chiefs such as Rukeribuga, Semafara Rudovik, Sebukweto, Mizerero and many others most of whom where appointed by Rukeribuga and Abdullah who was the district commissioner. The last great chief was Ntibiringirwa John Semafara who is now the Resident District Commissioner of Oyam district.

Ethenicity is not a big issue for the Bafumbira as they freely intermarry especially between the Hutu and Tutsi, that is majorly why the Rwandan genocide of 1994 did not spread to Kisoro.there is a general acceptance of these conditions and this has led to harmony in the district. Many of the offsprings can trace their roots to at least both hutu and tutsi fore fathers or mothers.

Farming is the basic industry there and mixed farming is the largest type of farming. Irish potatoes are the leading cash injector followed closely by beans, maize, sorghum (for making local brew) and sweet potatoes. Of late, onions and a host of other vegetables have been introduced.Those who have large cattle farms are few such as Bishop Halem'Imana, Tress Bucyanayandi, Nkuranga, The Semafara Family and a few others.

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