List of IMAX venues

List of IMAX venues

This is a list of all IMAX venues worldwide listed alphabetically by city within each sovereign state. As of 2006, there were 280 IMAX theatres in 40 countries (60 percent of these are located in the U.S. and Canada).


*Buenos Aires, Norcenter (Munro), []


New South Wales

*Sydney CBD, LG IMAX Theatre, Darling Harbour – (largest cinema screen in the Southern Hemisphere), []
*Moore Park, Hoyts Entertainment Quarter (opening December 2008)


*Brisbane, Southbank IMAX Theatre – closed: now Southbank Cinema 5 Complex
*Coomera, Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre, Dreamworld, []
*Townsville, North Queensland IMAX Dome Theatre, []

South Australia

*Adelaide - closed


*Carlton, IMAX Theatre Melbourne
*Maribyrnong, Hoyts Highpoint (opening December 2008)

Western Australia

* Cannington, Hoyts Carousel (opening December 2008)
*Northbridge, IMAX - closed
*West Perth, Omni Theatre – closed (now Horizon)


*Vienna, IMAX Wien – closed since November 2005 due to insolvency, []


*Curitiba, IMAX Cinema, [ Palladium Shopping Center] (due to open in november, 2008)
*São Paulo, IMAX Cinema, Bourbon Shopping Pompéia (due to open in 2009)


*Sofia, IMAX M-tel, []



*Calgary, Scotiabank Theatre Chinook, Chinook Centre, [ [ Famous Players site] . An earlier location in Calgary at Eau Claire Market was dismantled in 2004.]
*Edmonton, IMAX Theatre, Telus World of Science, Edmonton, []
*Edmonton, IMAX Theatre, Scotiabank Theatre, West Edmonton Mall— Phase IV, []

British Columbia

*Langley, Famous Players IMAX Theatre, The Colossus, []
*Richmond, Famous Players IMAX Theatre, Silver City, []
*Vancouver, Alcan OMNIMAX Theatre, Science World at Telus World of Science, []
*Vancouver, CN IMAX Theatre, Canada Place - (the first permanent IMAX 3D theatre in the world), []
*Victoria, National Geographic Theatre, Royal British Columbia Museum, []


*Winnipeg, IMAX Theatre at Portage Place, []

Nova Scotia

*Halifax, Empire IMAX Theatre, Empire 18 Cinemas, []


*Mississauga, Famous Players IMAX Theatre, The Coliseum, []
*Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls IMAX Theatre, []
*Ottawa, Famous Players SilverCity Gloucester IMAX Theatre, []
*Sudbury, IMAX Theatre, Science North, []
*Toronto, Cinesphere IMAX Theatre, Ontario Place - (the first permanent IMAX theatre in the world), []
*Toronto, Scotiabank Theatre IMAX (formerly Paramount Toronto), []
*Toronto, Shoppers Drug Mart OMNIMAX Theatre, Ontario Science Centre, []
*Vaughan, Famous Players IMAX Theatre, The Colossus, []


*Gatineau, CINEPLUS, Canadian Museum of Civilization - (the first dual IMAX/IMAXDome installation in the world), []
*Montreal, Le Cinema IMAX, Old Port of Montreal, []
*Downtown Montreal, PQ, Famous Players IMAX Theatre, The Scotiabank theatre, []
*Quebec City, IMAX Le Theatre, Les Galeries de la Capitale, []


*Regina, Kramer IMAX Theatre, Saskatchewan Science Centre, []


*Santiago, Racimec IMAX Theater Santiago 1 (due to open in 2009/2010)
*Santiago, Racimec IMAX Theater Santiago 2 (due to open in 2009/2010)
*Santiago, Megascreen IMAX Theatre Santiago (due to open in 2010)


Andhra Pradesh

*Prasads IMAX 3D Theater, Hyderabad []


*Gujarat Science City IMAX 3D Theater, Ahmedabad []


*IMAX Adlabs 3D, Wadala, Mumbai []

Uttar Pradesh

*Adlabs Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad []


*Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala

West Bengal

*Mani Square Complex, Kolkata

People's Republic of China


*Beijing, IMAX Theatre, UME Huaxing International Cineplex, []
*Beijing, IMAX Theatre, China National File Museum, []


*Dongguan, IMAX Theatre, Wanda International Cinemas, []


*Harbin, IMAX Theatre, Heilongjiang Science & Technology Museum

Hong Kong

*Space Theatre, Hong Kong Space Museum, Kowloon
*UA Cinemas, MegaBox, Enterprise Square Five, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, [] , []
*UA Cinemas, iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, [] , []


*Wuhan, IMAX Theatre, Studio City Cinema, []


*Shanghai, IMAX Theatre, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, []
*Shanghai, IMAX Dome Theatre, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, []
*Shanghai, IMAX Theatre, Peace Cinema, []


*Bogotá, Plaza de las Americas, IMAX Theatre []

Costa Rica

*San José, IMAX Theatre San José (due to open in 2008)

Czech Republic

*Prague, Palace Flora, IMAX Theatre, []


*Copenhagen, OMNIMAX Theatre, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, []


*Guayaquil, IMAX Theatre Malecon 2000, Malecón 2000, []
*Quito, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (due to open in 2008)


* Heureka, the science museum in Vantaa


*Amnéville, IMAX Cinema, Centre Thermal et Touristique, []
*Montpellier, Gaumont Multiplexe, []
*Paris, La Géode, []
*Paris, IMAX Theatre, Disney Village, []
*Poitiers, Futuroscope - (theme park, only place containing all versions of IMAX theatres – normal, dome, 3D, dome 3D and flying-carpet-style), []
**Le Kinemax; L'IMAX 3D; L'OMNIMAX; Magic Carpet; Le Solido; Race for Atlantis
*Toulouse, IMAX Cite de L'Espace Theatre, Cité de l'espace, []


*Berlin, CineStar IMAX Cinema, Sony Center, []
*Brühl, Atlantis, Phantasialand, []
*Nuremberg, IMAX am Cinecitta, Multiplex Kinozentrum Cinecitta, []
*Sinsheim, IMAX 3D Museum Sinsheim, Auto & Technik Museum, []
*Speyer, IMAX Dome Film Theater, Technikmuseum Speyer, []


*Athens, Evgenidion Idryma, Digital Planetarium, []


*Guatemala City, Circuito Alba IMAX 3D, Pradera Concepcion, []


*Budapest, Cinema City Arena Plaza, Arena Plaza, [] , []


*Keong Emas IMAX Theatre, TMII, Jakarta


*Dublin, IMAX Parnell Street – closed, now Cineworld Cinemas


*Eilat, IMAX 3D Eilat, []
*Kiryat Bialik, IMAX Kiryat Bialik, []


*Limena, Padova, Cinecity
*Riccione, TIM IMAX Theatre, []
*Taranto, IMAX Theatre Felisia, Castellaneta Marina, []
*Vimercate (MI), Multiplex Warner-Village Torri Bianche


*Aomori, IMAX Theatre/Cinema Hall, []
*Hamaoka, OMNIMAX Theatre, Nuclear Exhibition Centre, []
*Kagoshima, Space Theatre, Municipal Science Hall, []
*Karuizawa, Mercian Karuizawa IMAX Theatre, []
*Kitakyushu, Galaxy Theatre, Space World, []
*Nagoya, Ocean Theatre, Port Aquarium, []
*Omiya, Space Theatre, Information Media Culture Centre
*Osaka, IMAX 3D Theatre, Suntory Museum, []
*Osaka, Science Theatre, Science Museum Osaka, []
*Osaka, , Universal Studios Japan - (used only to show the ride film)
*Sasebo, Dome Theatre, Saikai Pearl Sea Centre
*Tokorozawa, IMAX Experience Theatre, Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, []
*Tokyo, Merican Shinagawa IMAX Theatre, [] – closed March 31st, 2007
*Tsuruga, Kirameki Minato Kan, Tsuruga Port Expo, []


*Safat, The Scientific Centre IMAX Theatre, []


*Kuala Lumpur, DiGi IMAX Theatre, Berjaya Times Square, []
*Planetarium Negara - (has an OmniMax theatre that shows educational films; not listed on official IMAX list)


*St. George's Bay, IMAX Vodafone Theatre, []



*Aguascalientes, DOMO IMAX, Descubre Museo Interactivo de Ciencia y Tecnologia, []

Baja California

*Mexicali, IMAX Theatre, Museo Sol del Niño [] ,Cinepolis Plaza San Pedro
*Tijuana, Cine Planetario, IMAX Dome Theatre, Centro Cultural Tijuana, []


*Torreon, Megamax IMAX Theatre, Megamax Cinemas, Intermall Laguna, []


*León, Explora Science Centre, []


*Guadalajara, Cinepolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Galerias, []

Mexico City

*Megapantalla (Megascreen) IMAX Theatre, Papalote - Museo del Niño, []
*Cinepolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Perisur, []
*Cinepolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Universidad, []
*Cinepolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Zentrika Santa Fe, []


*Cuernavaca, IMAX Theater,Cinemex Diana, []

Nuevo León

*Juárez, MMCinemas IMAX Theatre, MMCinemas Sun Mall Juarez, [] (Winter 2008)
*Monterrey, Cinépolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Valle Oriente, []
*Monterrey, Domo Imax Fundidora, IMAX Dome Theatre, Parque Fundidora Monterrey (summer 2008)
*San Pedro Garza García, Planetario Alfa, IMAX Dome Theatre, []


*Puebla, IMAX Dome Theatre, Planetario de Puebla
*Puebla, Cinépolis IMAX Theatre, Cinépolis Angelopolis, [] (Winter 2008)


*Veracruz, Cinepolis IMAX Theatre, Cinepolis Las Americas Veracruz, []
*Xalapa, IMAX Theatre, Museo de Ciencia y Tecnologia


*Villahermosa, OMNIMAX Theatre, Planetario Tabasco 2000


*Casablanca, IMAX Theatre, Morocco'Mall opening in 2010

=The Netherlands=

*Amsterdam, Pathé ArenA, Pathé Theaters, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, []
*The Hague, Omniversum OMNIMAX theater and Sijthoff Planetarium, []

New Zealand

*Auckland, SKYCITY IMAX Theatre, [] – (open 2002, re-opened 2006 after negotiations with IMAX Corp)


*Lahore, Lahore IMAX Theatre, []
*Islamabad, Islamabad IMAX Theatre (opening soon)
*Karachi, IMAX Karachi (opening soon)


*Pasay City, Metro Manila - SM-San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre, SM Mall of Asia
*Cebu City, Metro Cebu - SM City Cebu 2008
*Quezon City, Metro Manila - SM City North EDSA Cinema 4 2009


*Gdańsk, Orange IMAX Theatre, "Shipyard Mall Center" (will be opened in 2009/2010)
*Gdańsk, IMAX Space Theater Planetarium, Hewelianum Science Museum (will be opened in 2011) [ [ Hewelianum > Zamierzenia > Zamierzenia ] ]
*Katowice, Orange IMAX Theatre Katowice, "Punkt 44" Mall, []
*Łódź, Orange IMAX Theatre, "Manufaktura", []
*Kraków, Orange IMAX Theatre Kraków, "Kraków Plaza", []
*Poznań, Orange IMAX Theatre Poznań, "Poznań Plaza", []
*Warsaw, Orange IMAX Theatre, "Sadyba Best Mall", []

All Polish IMAX cinemas are exclusively operated by the Cinema City company.


*Bucharest, IMAX Theatre, Cotroceni Park, will be opened in 2008-2009, []

Russian Federation

*Kazan, Suvar IMAX Theatre, []
*Moscow, Nescafè IMAX Theatre, []
*Saint-Petersburg, Coca-Cola IMAX, []

Saudi Arabia

*Al-Khobar, Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech), IMAX Dome, []


*Omni-theatre, Science Centre, Singapore, []


*Bratislava, Orange IMAX Theatre, [] - closed

South Africa

*Durban, IMAX Theatre, Gateway Shoppertainment World, Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre, []
*Pretoria, IMAX Theatre, Menlyn Park Shopping, []

South Korea

*Daegu, CGV Cinema, Lotte World, []
*Incheon, CGV IMAX Theatre Incheon, []
*Pusan, CGV IMAX Theatre Seomyon, []
*Seoul, 63 City IMAX Theatre, Daesaeng Corporation, []
*Seoul, Yongsan - CGV IMAX Theatre Yongsan, []
*Taejon, Expo Science Park, []
**Earthscape Pavilion
**Imagination Pavilion


*Barcelona, IMAX Port Vell, []
*Bilbao, IMAX Yelmo Cineplex Theatre, Centro de Ocio Megapark, []
*Madrid, IMAX Madrid, []
*Málaga, IMAX Yelmo Cineplex Theatre, Centro de Ocio Plaza Mayor, []
*Oviedo, IMAX Yelmo Cineplex Theatre, Los Prados Shopping Mall, []
*Valencia, Hemisferic, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, []


*Piteå, Aquamega, Piteå Havsbad
*Stockholm, Cosmonova, Swedish Museum of Natural History, []


*Lucerne, IMAX Theatre, Swiss Transport Museum, []


*Kaohsiung, IMAX 3D Theatre, National Science & Technology Museum, []
*Taichung, Space Theatre, National Museum of Natural Science, []
*Taipei, IMAX Dome Theatre, Taipei Astronomical Museum, []
*Taipei, IMAX Theatre, Taipei Municipal Children's Recreation Centre, []
*Taipei, Samsung IMAX Theatre, Miramar Entertainment Park, []


*Bangkok, Krungsri IMAX Theatre, Paragon Cineplex at Siam Paragon, []


*Ankara, Ankara AFM IMAX, []
*Istanbul, AFM İstinye Park IMAX, []


*Kiev, IMAX Cinema, Blockbuster shopping and leisure center, []

United Arab Emirates

*Dubai, IMAX Theatre, Ibn Battuta Mall, []

United Kingdom


*Birmingham, IMAX Theatre, Millennium Point, Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, []
*Bournemouth, Sheridan IMAX Cinema, Pier Approach – ( [ closed] , featured on Demolition)
*Bradford, IMAX Cinema, National Media Museum, []
*Bristol, IMAX-At-Bristol, At-Bristol – (closed March 2007, due to reopen in Summer 2009)
*Leicester, Space Theatre, National Space Centre – (as part of an exhibit/attraction; only open to space centre visitors)
*London, bfi London IMAX Cinema, British Film Institute, []
*London, Science Museum IMAX Cinema, Science Museum, []
*Manchester, IMAX Cinema, Odeon Manchester, The Printworks, []

Northern Ireland

*Belfast, Sheridan IMAX Cinema, Odyssey Pavilion, [] Closed indefinitely.


*Glasgow, IMAX Theatre, Glasgow Science Centre, []

United States

:United States Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


*Birmingham, IMAX Dome Theater, McWane Center, []
*Huntsville, Spacedome IMAX Theater, US Space and Rocket Center, []
*Mobile, J.L. Bedsole IMAX Dome Theater, Gulf Coast Exploreum, []


*Phoenix, AMC IMAX Theater, AMC Deer Valley 30, []
*Phoenix, IMAX 3D Theater, Arizona Science Center, []
*Mesa, IMAX 3D Theater, Gateway 12 IMAX, []
*Tempe, IMAX Theater at Arizona Mills, []
*Grand Canyon Village (Tusayan), Grand Canyon IMAX Theater, []


*Little Rock, IMAX Theater, Aerospace Education Center, []
*Little Rock, Chenal 9 IMAX Theater, []


*Anaheim, Anaheim Garden Walk - Cinema Fusion, []
*Anaheim, Soarin' Over California, Disney's California Adventure, (used only for the ride) []
*Cathedral City, Desert IMAX Theater, []
*Dublin, Regal IMAX Theater, Hacienda Crossing 20, []
*Fresno, Edwards Fresno 21 IMAX Theater - (re-opened June 2006)
*Irvine, Edwards Irvine Spectrum IMAX Theater, []
*Los Angeles, , Universal Studios (used only for the ride) – closed (replaced with The Simpsons Ride, which uses the same theater)
*Los Angeles, IMAX Theater, California Science Center, []
*Los Angeles, Universal Studios IMAX Theater, Citywalk, []
*Los Angeles, IMAX Theater at , The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, []
*Monterey, Cannery Row IMAX Theater, []
*Ontario, Regal IMAX Theater, Ontario Palace Stadium 22, []
*Sacramento, Esquire IMAX Theater, []
*San Diego, Ruben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center, San Diego Space & Science Foundation – (the first IMAX Dome (OmniMax) installation in 1973), []
*San Diego, Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18, []
*San Francisco, Loews IMAX Theater at Metreon, Metreon, []
*San Jose, Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater, The Tech Museum of Innovation, []
*Stockton, Regal City Centre Stadium 16 - (opens Fall 2008), []


*Colorado Springs, Cinemark IMAX Theater at The Cinemark, []
*Denver, Lawrence Phipps IMAX Theater, Denver Museum of Nature and Science - (opened in 1983), []
*Denver, Regal IMAX Theater, Colorado Center 9, []


*Manchester, IMAX Theater, Showcase Cinemas Buckland Hills, []
*Norwalk, IMAX Theater, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, []

=District of Columbia=

*Washington, D.C., National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution, Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater - (features science and space travel-related films), [] ,
*Washington, D.C., National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution, Johnson IMAX Theater - (features nature and history related films), [] ,


*Daytona Beach, Coca-Cola IMAX Theater, Daytona USA, []
*Fort Lauderdale, AutoNation IMAX Theater, Museum of Discovery and Science, []
*Jacksonville, World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX Theater, World Golf Village - Saint Augustine, []
*Kennedy Space Center, Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center - (World's only Back to Back IMAX Theater Installation), []
**IMAX Theater (#1)
**IMAX Theater (#2)
*Orlando, Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX, International Dr, []
*Orlando, , Universal Studios Florida (used only for the ride) – closed (replaced with The Simpsons Ride, which uses the same theater)
*Orlando, Soarin', Epcot, Walt Disney World (used only for the ride)
*Pensacola, IMAX Theater, National Museum of Naval Aviation, []
*Tallahassee, IMAX Theater, Challenger Learning Center, []
*Tampa, IMAX Dome Theater, Museum of Science & Industry, []
*Tampa, Channelside Cinemas & IMAX Theater, Channelside Cinemas, []
*West Palm Beach, Muvico Parisian 19 & IMAX Theater, Muvico Theaters, []


*Atlanta, Rankin M. Smith, Jr. IMAX Theater, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, []
*Augusta, Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 & IMAX
*Buford, Regal IMAX Theater, Mall of Georgia 20, []
*Columbus, IMAX Theatre at Patriot Park, National Infantry Museum, opening March 2009


*Laie, IMAX Polynesia, Polynesian Cultural Center, []


*Boise, Regal IMAX Theater, Boise Stadium 21, []


*Batavia, Goodrich Theaters Randall 15, []
*Chicago, Navy Pier IMAX Theater, Navy Pier, []
*Chicago, Henry Crown Space Center OMNIMAX Theater, Museum of Science and Industry, []
*Gurnee, Pictorium, Six Flags Great America, []
*Lincolnshire, Regal IMAX Theater, Regal Lincolshire 20 + IMAX, []
*Woodridge, Cinemark IMAX Theater, Seven Bridges, []
*Peoria, Peoria Riverfront Museum (Scheduled to open 2009) []


*Evansville, IMAX Theater, Showplace Cinemas East 18, []
*Indianapolis, IMAX 3D Theater, Kerasotes Theatres ShowPlace 16 IMAX
*Indianapolis, IMAX 3D Theater, White River State Park, []
*Noblesville, IMAX Theater, Hamilton 16 IMAX
*Portage, IMAX Theater, Goodrich Quality Theaters, []


*Council Bluffs, Kerasotes Star Cinema 17, []
*Davenport, Putnam Museum and IMAX Theater, []
*Des Moines, SCI IMAX Dome Theater, []


*Hutchinson, IMAX Dome Theater, Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, []
*Olathe, AMC IMAX Theater, AMC Studio 30, []


*Louisville, IMAX Theater, Louisville Science Center, []
*Louisville, IMAX Theater, Showcase Cinemas Stonybrook, []


*Covington, O'Neil Theatres Holiday Cinema and IMAX, []
*New Orleans, Entergy IMAX Theater, Aquarium of the Americas - (on the river-walk), []
*Shreveport, IMAX Dome Theater, Sci-Port Discovery Center, []


*Baltimore, IMAX Theater, Maryland Science Center, []
*Columbia, IMAX Theater, AMC Columbia 14 []


*Boston, Mugar OMNI Theater, Museum of Science - (the only IMAX Dome (OmniMax) in New England), []
*Boston, Simons IMAX Theater, New England Aquarium, []
*Natick, Verizon IMAX 3D Theater, Jordan's Furniture Natick, []
*Reading, Verizon IMAX 3D Theater, Jordan's Furniture Reading, []


*Dearborn, IMAX Theater, The Henry Ford, []
*Detroit, IMAX Dome Theater, Detroit Science Center, []
*Grand Blanc, IMAX Theater, NCG Trillium Cinemas, []
*Grand Rapids, IMAX Theater Celebration! Cinema, []
*Lansing, IMAX Theater Celebration! Cinema, []
*Sterling Heights, IMAX Theatre, AMC Forum 30
*Ypsilanti, IMAX Theatre, Showcase Cinemas Ann Arbor, []


*Apple Valley, Great Clips IMAX Theater, Minnesota Zoo, []
*Duluth, Duluth OMNIMAX Theater, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, []
*Shakopee, Pepsi IMAX Theater, Valleyfair, []
*St. Michael, IMAX and IMAX 3D Theater, CineMagic Metropolitan, []
*St. Paul, William L. McKnight-3M Omnitheater, The Science Museum of Minnesota - (a dual-screen system with an IMAX screen and a rotating dome that can be flipped down for Omni-films), []


*Branson, Ozarks Discovery IMAX Theater, []
*St. Louis, OMNIMAX Theater, St. Louis Science Center, []
*St. Louis, Ronnie's IMAX Theater, Wehrenberg Theaters Ronnie's 20 Cinemas


*West Yellowstone, Yellowstone IMAX Theater, at Wyoming border, []


*Hastings, IMAX - Hastings Museum, []
*Omaha, Lozier IMAX Theater, Henry Doorly Zoo, []

New Hampshire

*Hooksett, IMAX - Cinemagic Theater & IMAX [ [ Concord Monitor - IMAX theater coming ] ]

New Jersey

*Atlantic City, IMAX Theater at Tropicana, The Quarter at Tropicana, []
*Jersey City, IMAX Dome Theater, Liberty Science Center - (World's largest IMAX Dome Theater), []

New Mexico

*Alamogordo, Clyde W. Tombaugh Space Theater, New Mexico Museum of Space History, []


*Las Vegas, Luxor IMAX Theater, Luxor Hotel, []
*Las Vegas, Brenden IMAX Theater, The Palms, []
*Summerlin, Regal Cinemas Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino (December 2007)

New York

*Buffalo, Regal IMAX Theater, Transit Center 16, []
*Garden City, Leroy R. and Rose W. Grumman IMAX Dome Theater, []
*New Rochelle, Regal IMAX Theater, New Roc City 18, []
*New York, IMAX Theater, American Museum of Natural History, []
*New York, Loews IMAX Theater, Lincoln Square, []
*Rochester, Cinemark IMAX Theater, Tinseltown, []
*Syracuse, Bristol Omnitheater, Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology, []
*West Nyack, IMAX Theater at Palisades Center, Palisades Center, []
*White Plains, IMAX Theater, City Center 15: Cinema de Lux, []

North Carolina

*Charlotte, Observer OMNIMAX Theater, Discovery Place, []
*Raleigh, Wachovia IMAX Theater, Marbles Kids Museum, []


*Cincinnati, Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, []
*Cincinnati, Showcase Cinemas Springdale 18, []
*Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic OMNIMAX Theater, Great Lakes Science Center, []
*Columbus, Center of Science and Industry (COSI), []
*Columbus, AMC Easton Town Center, []
*Dayton, IMAX Theater, National Museum of the United States Air Force, []


*Oklahoma City, Omnidome Theatre, Omniplex Science Museum
*Tulsa, Cinemark IMAX Theater, The Tulsa, []


*McMinnville, Evergreen Aviation Museum IMAX Theater – (opened April 2007), []
*Portland, OMNIMAX Theater (public view of projector), Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – (by the Willamette River), []
*Tigard, Regal Cinemas Bridgeport 18 IMAX Theater, []


*Harrisburg, Select Medical IMAX Theater, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, []
*King of Prussia, United Artists IMAX 3D Theater, King of Prussia Stadium 16, []
*Philadelphia, Tuttleman Omnimax IMAX Theater, Franklin Institute Science Museum, []
*Pittsburgh, Rangos OMNIMAX Theater, Carnegie Science Center, []
*Tarentum, Cinemark IMAX Theater, Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, []

Rhode Island

*Providence, Feinstein IMAX Theater, Providence Place, []

South Carolina

*Charleston, Charleston IMAX Theater – closed September, 2007, []
*Myrtle Beach, IMAX Discovery Theater, Broadway at the Beach, []


*Chattanooga, IMAX 3D Theater, Tennessee Aquarium, []
*Knoxville, Regal IMAX Theater, Turkey Creek Pinnacle 18 Theater, []
*Memphis, Crew Training International IMAX Theater, Pink Palace Museum, []
*Nashville, Regal IMAX Theater, Opry Mills, []


*Austin, IMAX Theater, The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, []
*Dallas, TI Founders IMAX Theater, Museum of Nature and Science, []
*Dallas, Cinemark IMAX Theater, Cinemark 17, []
*Fort Worth, Omni Theater, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, []
*Galveston, IMAX 3D Theater, Moody Gardens, []
*Houston Santikos Silverado IMAX, []
*Houston, Space Center Theater, Space Center Houston, []
*Houston, Wortham IMAX Theater, Houston Museum of Natural Science, []
*Houston, Regal IMAX Theater, Marqe Stadium 23, []
*Lubbock, Omni Theater, Science Spectrum
*San Antonio, Rivercenter, []
**San Antonio IMAX Theater #1
**San Antonio IMAX Theater #2
*San Antonio, Santikos Palladium IMAX [North Rim] , []


*Salt Lake City, IMAX Theater, Clark Planetarium, []
*Sandy, Cricket IMAX Theatre, Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons, []


*Alexandria, IMAX Theater, AMC Hoffman Center 22 []
*Chantilly, IMAX Theater, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at the Smithsonian Institution, []
*Hampton, IMAX Theater, Virginia Air & Space Center, []
*Richmond, Ethyl IMAX Dome Theater, Science Museum of Virginia, []
*Virginia Beach, ABC Family Channel IMAX 3D Theater, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, []
*Woodbridge, IMAX Theater, AMC Potomac Mills 18 []


*Seattle, Pacific Science Center, []
**Eames IMAX Theater
**Boeing IMAX Theater
*Spokane, IMAX Theater, Riverfront Park, []


*Madison, Madison/Fitchburg IMAX, Star Cinema, []
*Milwaukee, Humphrey IMAX Dome Theater, Milwaukee Public Museum, []


*See Montana for Yellowstone listing – (2 mi/3.5 km from state line, and just west of park boundary)


* Caracas, Racimec IMAX Theater Caracas (due to open in 2009/2010)

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*List of museums


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