Supreme Being

Supreme Being

The term Supreme Being is often defined simply as "God", [ [ definition] according to Miriam-Webster on line dictionary.] and it is used with this meaning by theologians of many religious faiths, including, but not limited to, Christianity, [ and] Islam, [ [ Revelation - Sacred Theology ] ] Hinduism, [ [ The Hindu] Online edition of India's National Newspaper, Monday, Sep 22, 2003] and Deism. [ [ website] showing usage by Deists during the French Revolution.] However, the term can also refer to more complex or philosophical interpretations of the divine. Many fraternal organisations, especially those which admit members of diverse religious backgrounds (such as Freemasonry) use the term as a generic description, allowing the candidate to adhere to whichever deity or concept he holds to be appropriate.cite web |url= |title=Is Freemasonry a religion? |accessdate=2008-06-06 |work=United Grand Lodge of England] [ [ MQ MAGAZINE Issue 13 - God and the Craft ] ]

Use of the term in religious contexts

Christian Theology

In Christian Theology, the term Supreme Being can refer to God, the Father almighty. [ [ God - the Supreme Being ] ] It can also be used to refer to the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. [ [ The Sense of a Supreme Being ] ]


Para Brahman is referred to as the Supreme Being, as the main force, power or energy, and all forms of divinity are considered to be merely His diverse divine descents, expansions, aspects, or manifestations.


Islamic scholars have used the term to refer to 'Allah', the Islamic name for God. [ [ Allah, al-llah ] ]


Definition of Supreme Being is loose and left for a follower to suit one's own conception.

Use in non-religious contexts


In Masonic ritual the Supreme Being is referred to as Great Architect of the Universe, which alludes to the use of architectural symbolism within Freemasonry. [cite news|author=William K. Bissey|work=The Indiana Freemason|date=Spring 1997|title=G.A.O.T.U.|url=] [cite book|author=S. Brent Morris|title=The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry|publisher=Alpha/Penguin Books|id=ISBN 1-59257-490-4|pages=212]

Candidates for regular freemasonry are required to declare a belief in a Supreme Being.cite web |url= |title=Is Freemasonry a religion? |accessdate=2007-05-08 |work=United Grand Lodge of England] However, the candidate is not asked to expand on, or explain, his or her interpretation of Supreme Being. The discussion of politics and religion is forbidden within a Masonic Lodge, in part so a candidate or Mason will not be placed in the situation of having to justify his personal interpretation. [ [ Becoming a Mason - To become one, ask one: What is Freemasonry?] accessed 10 June 2007] Thus, reference to the Supreme Being will mean the Christian Trinity to a Christian Mason, Allah to a Muslem Mason, Para Brahman to a Hindu Mason, etc. And while most Freemasons would take the view that the term Supreme Being equates to God, others may hold a more complex or philosophical interpretation of the term.

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