Real Estate Education

Real Estate Education

Real Estate EducationTerm Real Estate generally known as Property, Accommodation, Home, House, land and its improvement, Any permanent immovable structure on land and Right to own legally. Though Real Estate is not defined in common dictionary, the reference is made on the definition sited above.

Huge research is available on real estate practice and process. The trade is having a unique nature. One person sell and one person buy, normally. Unlike other trade and industry where mass production take place with supply chain and distribution channel, real estate is a localised business with international trading process. In western countries including USA where the securitisation of Real Estate is established through Real Estate Investment Trust or Real Estate Mutual Fund.

Since Real Estate is not a recognised indutry in India and many other countries, formal statistics of demand and supply is very hard to gather. The informal process of real estate development business is generally proprietary centric. Corporate are finding it difficult to cope up with the business process since many business decisions are required to be made by a single person who has to handle all most all activities. Right from identifying the land and its aqusition, legal process of transfering the land on own name or entering into development agreement under the various provisions of law of land and ultimately following architectural and engineering drawings to construct, nothing seems to be easy unless real estate education supports the knowledge required to complete the process.

Even to own and keep invested, one has to have real estate education. For maintainance, taxation, upkeeping and for valuation, a common men who owns a real estate must know various aspects of real estate. After all it is a fundamental need of menkind. The need based industry and the consumer both must know various aspects of real estate.

For this, real estate education is a must. One cannot become advocate or architect or engineer to upkeep the real estate or deal in it, but one must know the process and language these professional speaks. Hence real estate education is a must though what ever profession you are in.

World wide many real estate courses are conducted by many reputed universities. These courses are for taking real estate as a profession. On the other hand many Diploma courses are available which gives insight of principal and practices of Real Estate.

A well informed property owner create value to the real estate and in perpectual succession.

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