Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway is a chain of indoor kart tracks in the United States. The company was founded by Jason Williams and Ken Faught. The company opened its first track in Corona, California in September 2005 [Reference for the time the company opened http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=2341] . Through the help of world-class racers / investors Kurt Busch [ Kurt Busch mentioned to be involved with the company http://www.indoorkartingnews.com/news_info.php?n=61] (NASCAR Champ), Jeremy McGrath (Supercross Champ) and Mike Meztger [ Link with Mike Metzger involved with the company http://www.dirtrider.com/news/141_0712_chad_reed_wins_celebrity_event/index.html ] (X Games Gold Medalist), Pole Position Raceway has been able to expand to several locations and even enter the franchise business. Pole Position Raceway uses high-performance electric karts made in Europe which are capable of 45mph. The karts race indoors on professionally designed courses that are up to 3/8-mile long. Each kart is also fitted with an Transponder timing unit, manufactured by AMB [AMB company website for timing loop source http://www.amb-it.com/tranx-base-system-c-13_14.html] that allows for electronic timing and scoring. After each event, racers are given a Speed Sheet (TM) [Speedsheet Website http://www.speedsheettiming.com/ ] , which details race statistics down to 1/1000th of a second including single fastest lap time, average lap time, position in the race, and overall ranking compared to other racers in the data bank.


The following identities are registered trademarks of Pole Position Raceway.


P2R was first derived from PPR which is an acronym of the Company name "Pole Position Raceway". This was done to create an easily distinguishable short name. Originally, the company only focused on P2R, but later dropped it due to possible brand confusion.


RaceP2R is similar to P2R. It help to identify the company as a company involved in the racing industry.


EK20 is another acronym. It stands for "Electric Kart 20 Horsepower." It was created by Ken Faught before the opening of Pole Position Raceway in 2005.


*Coporate Events
*Birthday Parties
*Bachelor Parties
*Team Building Events

Kart Types

*Kids / Youth

Charity Work

*David Bailey (motocross) Auction Sept 11, 2006 [David Bailey Auction Ref 1 http://www.davidbaileymx.com/pages/News.cfm?from=a&id=1283] [David Bailey Auction Ref 2 http://www.dirtrider.com/features/141_0608_2006_bbr_honda_crf_50_motocross_replica/index.html]
*Toys For Tots Fundraiser Dec 2, 2007 [Toys for Tots Charity http://www.dirtrider.com/news/141_0712_chad_reed_wins_celebrity_event/index.html]


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* [http://www.PolePositionRaceway.com/ Official website]

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