Blackpool (disambiguation)

Blackpool (disambiguation)

Blackpool is a seaside town in England.

Blackpool may also refer to:

*Greater Blackpool, the urban area surrounding Blackpool
*Blackpool North and Fleetwood, a British parliamentary constituency
*Blackpool South (UK Parliament constituency), a British parliamentary constituency
*Blackpool, County Cork, a suburb of Cork City
*Blackpool, Devon
*Blackpool, Pembrokeshire
*Blackpool, New Zealand
*Dublin, Ireland, the name of which is translated into English as "Black Pool"
*Blackpool Border Crossing, Border crossing in southern Quebec, Canada
*Blackpool Gate, Cumbria, England
*Black Pool, a hotspring in Yellowstone National Park.

*Black pool, a form of pocket billiards.
*Blackpool F.C., a football club
*Blackpool Mechanics F.C., a football club
*Blackpool Panthers, a rugby league club
*Mighty Blackpool, a Sierra Leonean football club

*"Blackpool" (TV Serial), a 2004 BBC television drama series
*"Under Blackpool Lights", a DVD by The White Stripes

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