List of conflicts in South America

List of conflicts in South America

16th century

*1532: Pizarro captures and ransoms the Incan ruler Atahualpa at Cajamarca starting the Spanish conquest of Peru.
*1557-1575: French-Portuguese conflict over France Antarctique, a French colony in Rio de Janeiro.
*1591: Thomas Cavendish, a British corsair, occupied Santos
*16th c.- 19th c.: War of Arauco.

17th century

*1612-1615: French invasion of Maranhão
*1621-1654: Dutch occupation of Northeast Brazil, or the thirty-years war in Brazil.
*1680-1750: Spanish-Portuguese conflict over Sacramento colony (today's Uruguay).

18th century

*1754-1757: Spanish-Portuguese invasion of the Jesuit-sponsored "Guarani Nation"

19th century

*1809: Portuguese invasion of French Guiana.
*1810s and 1820s: South American Wars of Independence.:*1810 - 1818 Argentine War of Independence:*1810 - 1818 Chilean War of Independence:*1811 - 1823 Venezuelan War of Independence:*1812 - 1821 Peruvian War of Independence:*1821 - 1825 Brazilian War of Independence
*1820 - 1828: The Argentina-Brazil War over the status of future Uruguay occurs.
*1828 - 1829: Gran Colombia-Peru War.
*1829 - 1830: Chilean Civil War of 1829.
*1835 - 1845: Republican revolt against the Empire of Brazil is put down in the War of Tatters.
*1836 - 1839: War of the Confederation between the Peru-Bolivian Confederation and Chile.
*1851 - 1852: War against Oribe and Rosas
*1859 - 1863: Federal War in Venezuela.
*1864 - 1866: The Chincha Islands War between Spain and former colonies Peru and Chile occurs.
*1864 - 1870: The War of the Triple Alliance occurs.
*1879 - 1884: Bolivia and Peru fight Chile in the War of the Pacific.
*1891: Chilean Civil War.
*1899 – 1902: Colombian Thousand Days War.

20th century

*1912-1916: Contestado War, a rebellion in Brazil, fails.
* 1932 - 1933: Colombia-Peru War
*1932-1935: The Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay is fought.
*1941: The Ecuadorian-Peruvian war occurs.
*1947: The Colorado Party gains the upper hand in the Paraguayan Civil War.
*1948 - 1958: La Violencia in Colombia.
*1964-present: the Colombian Armed Conflict between the government and guerrilla insurgencies devastates the country.
*1978: The Beagle conflict over the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile occurs.
*1981: Ecuador and Peru clash again in the Paquisha Incident.
*1981 to present, the Peruvian Armed Conflict or People's War fought between the Shining Path insurgents and the Peruvian government.
*1982: The Falklands War occurs.
*1995: Ecuador and Peru dispute territory in the Cenepa War.

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