The Buck Stops Here (King of the Hill)

The Buck Stops Here (King of the Hill)

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Title = The Buck Stops Here
Series = King of the Hill

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Season = 5
Episode = 2
Airdate = November 5, 2000
Production = 5ABE01
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Guests = Brad Renfro
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The Buck Stops Here is the 86th episode in the Fox animated
situation comedy series King of the Hill and was the second episode broadcast in the fifth season.


Hank decides to keep all the yard-related chores for himself, and so he vows to get Bobby a job. Meanwhile, Peggy and Minh find themselves in competition to donate enough blood to win a trophy mug. Hank tries to get Bobby on at Strickland Propane, but Buck offers to let him be a caddy. Bobby spends his day doing nothing and getting tipped by Buck, and after work the other caddies invite him to go "ice block riding". He sleds down a hill and crashes into a club member, and is hauled home by a rude security guard who claims his services are no longer needed. Hank takes Bobby to Buck's house to apologize, but Buck ends up having the guard fired and makes Bobby his own personal caddy.

Bobby has a good time carousing with Buck, which makes Hank slightly jealous. Hank and Peggy are shocked to hear some of Buck's coarse behavior rubbing off on Bobby, but Buck just laughs it off. Minh and Peggy are sent home for being too weak after too much donating. Buck has Bobby help him cheat at golf, and gives him an expensive watch as a bribe. Hank and Bobby fight over his behavior, prompting Bobby to move in with Buck.

Hank goes back the next day, thinking that Buck will be ready to return Bobby, but finds out he went to Hot Springs to gamble with Bobby in tow. Peggy finally goes out to Houston and donates the last pint of blood, and crawls over to gloat about her mug to Minh. After winning money on a race at the dogtrack, Buck has Bobby hold his money while he plays in a poker game in a shady part of town, and the goons come after Bobby for Buck's money and watch when he loses big. He gives them the cash but refuses to give up the watch. After a chase, Hank pulls up to save Bobby, who gives up the watch and says he doesn't want it anymore. Buck fakes a heart attack and jumps in the back of Hank's truck to get away, but Hank slows down long enough for the goons to get in a few shots before speeding off.


*Bobby: "I don't know if you've ever ridden a block of ice before...":Buck: "I married Miss Liz, didn't I?"

*Buck: "Nothing like seeing a monkey whip a dog down the backstretch!"

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