Tactical Air Control Party

Tactical Air Control Party

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= USAF Tactical Air Control Party

caption=United States Air Force TACP beret
motto= "Death on Call"
colors= Red, Green, and Blue
type= Special Tactics
branch=United States Air Force
country=United States of America
command_structure=USAF Air Combat Command

A Tactical Air Control Party, commonly abbreviated TACP (pronounced TAC-P), is usually a team of two or more United States Air Force Tactical Air Controllers (AFSC 1C4X1), sometimes including an Air Liaison Officer (a qualified aviator), which is assigned to a U.S. Army combat maneuver unit, either conventional or special operational, to advise ground commanders on the best use of air power, establish and maintain command and control communications, control air traffic, act as an inter-service liaison, control naval gunfire, and provide precision terminal attack guidance of U.S. and coalition close air support and other air-to-ground aircraft.

Along with being assigned to all conventional Army combat units, TACP airmen are also attached to Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and Army Rangers, as well as Joint Special Operations Command units and multi-national Special Operations task forces, primarily as communications experts and precision airstrike controllers.

In addition, TACP members can be assigned to AFSOC Special Tactics Squadrons to train Air Force Combat Controllers, traditionally responsible for austere airfield Air Traffic Control, in the tactics, techniques, and procedures of Close Air Support control.

Enlisted members are known as ROMADs (formerly "Radio Operator, Maintainer & Driver," from their time as assistants to officer-only Forward Air Controllers. The acronym is now widely accepted as standing for "Recon, Observe, Mark & Destroy" in reflection of the modern role of the TAC).

TACP members wear black berets, with a distinctive Red, Blue, and Green cloth flash and silver crest, as seen to the right. Air Liaison Officers are authorized to wear the black beret, flash, and rank while assigned to a TACP unit, but not at any other point in their career.

Contrary to old doctrine, TACP FAC's, now called "JTAC's", are enlisted men that provide Close Air Support. Only a few officers were grandfathered into the FAC program; those few are the only officers remaining capable of providing Close Air Support.

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