Work, Work

Work, Work

Infobox Single
Name = Work, Work
Artist = The Saturdays

from Album = Chasing Lights
B-side = TBA
Released = 2008/2009
Genre =
Length =
Label = Polydor
Writer =
Producer =
Last single = "Up"
This single = "Work, Work"
Next single = TBA

Work, Work was announced as the third single of The Saturdays.


No infomation about the actual release has not been confirmed yet it will be released from November, 2008-January, 2009, the music video is rumoured to be filmed in October.

The Saturdays posted a 30 sec clip of 'Work' on their myspace page as part of a preview of their debut album 'Chasing Lights'. Mollie has said on their myspace that the band hopes that 'Work' will be their fourth single which has sparked rumors that 'Chasing Lights' will be the third single from the album.

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