Philippine Dance

Philippine Dance

As varied are the people of the Philippines, so to are the dances that the There are many dances performed in the Philippine Islands such as the popular "Tinikling", to the exoticized "Pangalay", to the skill-based interpretation of the "Banga" and Spanish-tinged "Jota". Dances categorization range from geographic localization, to societal functions, to dance influences, and to time periods. As research of rituals and practices of ethnic groups of the Philippines made stride, so did the need to interpret them in dances.

Geographic Localization

Presentation of Dances in the Philippines are often categorized in ethnic or geographic localization. These localization are often presented in the following:
* Dances of the Cordillera Mountains (Igorot)
* Dances of the Taga-Ummah (Muslim)
* Dances of the Traditionalists (Lumad)
* Dances of the Low-land Western-Christians

ocietal Function

Other less common presentation of Philippine dances have been through their categorization as societal functions. Philippine dance are unique as they not only convey the artistry of movement but those movement are often association to a life-function such as a wedding, the mimicky of birds or even the warding of evil spirits. THis outlook in dance can be looked at the following category.
* Ritualistic Dances
* Mimetic Dances
* Life-Cycle Dances

Dance Influences

Another presention of dances is through their influences from original inhabitants of the Aetas to the influences of Southeast and Mainland Asia to the Influences of the Spanish and Americans.
* Aetas
* Southeast Asian Influence
* Mainland Asian Influence
* Spanish Influences
* American Influences

Time Periods

Dances of the Philippine needs also to be looked at the Time-period in which they are taken. As culture is constantly evolving, dances often chance along with the times. Philippine dance can be categorized is these time periods:
* Pre-colonial
* Spanish Colonial
* American Period
* Modern and Post-Modern

Contemporary Outlook of Philippine Dance

As the popularity of the Pilipino Cultural Nights and the Folk Arts groups gain their ascendency, so too, does the need to create and recreate Philippine dance forms. Among these contemporary issues are the ideas of bringing the village dance into the stage, the connections among the various Philippine dance, the ownership of world-influnce and the dances of Filipinos from the diaspora.
* From the Village to Stage
* Interconnection of Philippine Dance
* Filipinizing world influences
* Dances from the Diaspora


* Dances of the Emerald Isles
* Pangalay

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