Hani Mitwasi

Hani Mitwasi

Hani Mitwasi is a modern Arabian signer, born on the 27th of October 1983. After mastering how to play the classic guitar and finishing a bachelor in music science, Hani devoted his time for the sake of making good music. In addition, he created his own band which consisted of a drummer, a base guitarist, a violin player, a nay player, a Bouzouki player and a percussion player. With this rare collection of instruments, Hani was able to create a unique and original Franco-Arab style of music. One of Hani’s many accomplishments is his collection of traditional songs which he remixed according to his own style. This collection achieved a high level of appreciation and admiration by his audience. To date, Hani remains the most popular singer in Amman/Jordan.

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Khamrat Al Hob

1. Khamrat Al hob2. Tala'a mn beit aboha3. Ya looro Hobok4. Hali hali hal/Fok el Nakhel5. Ya msaleeni6. Ghazaleh Ghazaleh

Barmi El Salam

1. Sebooni Ya Nas2. Shams al Shamooseh3. Ya Reem4. Awal E'shret Mahboobi 5. Ya Tair Ya Tayer6. Barmi El Salam


1. Jay Ala Bali2. ba'sha'a Lawn Al Bahr3. Nhebek Nhebek4. Hez El mala'ab5. Wayak


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