Poltavka culture

Poltavka culture

Poltavka culture, 2700—2100 BC, an early to middle Bronze Age archaeological culture of the middle Volga from about where the Don-Volga canal begins up to the Samara bend, with an easterly extension north of present Kazakhstan along the Samara River valley to somewhat west of Orenburg.

With the Catacomb culture, it is a successor to the Yamna culture. It seems to be seen as an early manifestation of the Srubna culture. There is evidence of influence from the Maykop culture to its south.

The only real things that distinguish it from the Yamna culture are changes in pottery and an increase in metal objects. Tumulus inhumations continue, but with less use of ochre.

It is said to underlie the later Srubna and Potapovka cultures. It is presumptively early Indo-Iranian (Proto-Indo-Iranian).


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