Outcast (Alisa's album)

Outcast (Alisa's album)

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Name = Outcast
Type = Album
Artist = Alisa

Released = October 2005
Recorded = January 2005 - May 2005
Genre = Hard rock
Nu metal
Length = 49:03
Label = Real Records
Last album = "It's Later Than You Think"
This album = "Outcast"
Next album = "The Built of the North"
(2007) Singles
Name = Blue Border
Type = studio
single 1 = Outcast
single 2 = The Night
single 3 = Blue Border

"Outcast" (Изгой, Izgoy) - studio album by Alisa released in 2005 by Real Records. "Outcast" was the first album made by a new line up (with Igor Romanov (lead guitar) and Andrey Vdovichenko (drums)). A single "Blue Border" (Синий предел, Siniy Predel) preceded the album. The band released three video clips for the songs from the album: "Rock-n-Roll Cross" (Рок-н-ролл крест), "The Brutes" (Звери) and "Christening" (Крещение).


At the end of January 2005 Alisa began to record the album "Outcast". German audio ingineers were invited: Jam (already took part in mixing of the previous album "It's later than you think") and Dave. Earlier both ingeneers worked with Guano Apes, Rammstein and U2. [Citation
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language = rus
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At first Alisa made a demo record which was sent to Germany.cite journal
title = Interview to Play journal
journal = Play
date = 2005
url = http://www.alisa.net/pressa.php?action=2005&disk=press223
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] Then Jam and Dave moved to Saint Petersburg and controlled the record process at studio "Dobrolet".

Musicians did their best; sometimes Konstantin Kinchev finished to record his parts at 6 a.m.cite web
title = Newsmusic
work = Alisa releases Outcasr. How was it recorded?
url = http://www.newsmusic.ru/news_2_1156.htm
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] Eugeny Levin interpreted from Russian to English and vice versa, that is why he couldn't speak as usual after five days of recording. Igor Vdovichenko played very precisely what made the recording easier for Petr Samoylov. Igor Romanov was very scrupulous about his parts - he was ready to record them more and more times even when it wasn't necessary. Sometimes other members of the band had to stop him so that the album didn't consist only of his solos. Dmitry Parfenov recorded his parts at home and in studio he was only controlling the procces of recording.

Album was mixed in Germany: at first at Topaz studio in Cologne and then at Skayline Tonfabrik in Düsseldorf. It was mixed in April. In July Alisa chose a lable: it was Real Records. The album hit the shelves in October.


September 6 2005 Real Records released single "Blue Border" (Синий предел).

The first song was "Outcast".

The second was "The Night" (cover for Piknik's song). It was written after Dmitry Parfenov (Alisa's keyboard player) got a proposal to make an album of covers for Piknik's songs. When recording of this album was going to be finished an idea to invite Konstantin Kinchev to record one song appeared. He accepted the offer and chose the song "The Night". It was included as a bonus track in the mentioned project of Piknik (this album was named Egyptian Nights) and in Alisa's single.

The third song of the single is "Blue Border". Alexei Rybnikov made an offer of a joint record for Konstantin Kinchev. Alisa's leader could choose any Rybnikov's music and he pitched upon soundtrack for movie Treasure Island. Konstantin Kinchev added his variant of couplet and refrain and composed the text.

The single also included videobonus: performance of the song Antichrist on concert "We Are Together 20 Years".


The song which was composed earlier than all others is "Fear, Ask and Believe". It was composed in Cologne during mixing of the album "It's later than you think".

Konstantin Kinchev appreciated "Son Jerusalem" as the main song of the album and told that all other compositions are "built" around it.

Konstantin Kinchev speaking about the song "Outcast":

If speaking about the song it is about Christ. If speaking generally it's about people who make their lifes by going again the stream. Because only dead fish goes adrift.

Answering the questions: do you sympathize outcasts? What attracts you in them? Konstantin answered:

Outcast is a concious chose of a man. It is already a position. A person who is ready to refuse from benefits for his own position can't cause anything except for respect even if his beliefs are not concordant for our view of the world. [cite press release
title = Interview for Novie Izvestia
publisher = Novie Izvestia
date = October 21
url = http://www.alisa.net/pressa.php?action=2005&disk=press222
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The shootings of videoclip for "Rock-n-roll Cross" took place in half-constructed Winter Palace in Kiev. A special stage was made; a lot of pyrotechnics was used. Two days before the start of the shootings the band began to choose people for roles of spectators in the videocip. 300 members from Alisa's fan club were chosen.

Konstantin Kinchev about the album

Comparing "Outcast" with previous "It's later than you think" Konstantin Kinchev named it to be more rough. He also added that in the previous album he "shared his thoughts about the destiny of Motherland" and in "Outcast" we can hear feelings about his inner stuggle. [Citation
title = Excusive
year = 2005
url = http://www.alisa.net/pressa.php?action=2005&disk=press210
id =
] After release of the album Konstantin Kinchev was pleased with it's sound quality:

We have made an effort to combine incompatible things in this album - I think that this is what the art is. In principle rock is a synthesis of arts. Did we manage to do it - it's a question for audience. But I'm pleased with this work. On the other hand the genre of nu metal is narrow-minded so we can't avoid comparisons with other bands. If desired you can hear there Clawfinger, Rammstein. Clawfinger is even more: "My war" resembles Live Like A Man. I won't say that it's quite the same but just listening to Clawfinger pushed me to use such a riff. But unlike the Swedes we leave some place for melodious songs. There are two of them in "Outcast". Besides every word in our album is audible.

Track listing

all_writing = Konstantin Kinchev, except where noted
total_length = 49:03
title1 = My War
length1 = 4:25
title2 = Outcast
length2 = 4:15
title3 = A Star Called Rock
length3 = 4:14
title4 = Black
note4 = (music by Kinchev and Levin)
length4 = 4:10
title5 = Son Jerusalem
length5 = 9:32
title6 = The Word
length6 = 4:26
title7 = Fear, Ask and Believe
length7 = 3:20
title8 = The Brutes
length8 = 4:19
title9 = Rock-n-roll Cross
length9 = 4:47
title10 = Christening
note10 = (music by Romanov and Kinchev)
length10 = 5:35



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