John Stocker

John Stocker

John Stocker (born August 13, 1947) is a Canadian actor. His career began in the 1970s, when he started voice acting.


In 1973, he joined a comedy troupe called the Zoo Factory, whose members consisted of Dan Hennessey, Bruce Gordon, Harriet Cohen and Jerelyn Homer.

On television, Stocker played the voice of Beastly, the villain on the Nelvana version of the "Care Bears" television series "The Care Bears".

He and Zoo Factory alumni Dan Hennessey appeared as Thomson and Thompson on "The Adventures of Tintin".

In the film industry, he voiced The Wizard's assistant, Dim, in 1987's "The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland", and he played a character named Sol in 1993's "Look Who's Talking Now". He was also the voice director on "Beyblade", "Medabots", "Committed", "Pandalian", "Sailor Moon" and recently "Di-Gata Defenders".


*"" (Dulok Scout/Hoom/Widdle)
*"" (Vlix)
*"Today's Special" (CLUMP/Crandall J. Crummington III)
*"My Pet Monster"
*"Babar" (Basil/Zephir)
*"The Adventures of Tintin" (Thompson)
*"Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors" (Gun Grinner)
*" Super Mario Bros." (Toad/Koopa Troopa/Beezo/Mouser/Flurry/Oogtar)
*"Mona the Vampire" (Mayor Rosenbaum)
*"Stunt Dawgs" (Fungus)
*"Dog City" (Bugsy)
*"Dinosaucers" (Ankylo/Terrible Dactyl)
*"Maxie's World" (Mr. Garcia)
*"Felix the Cat" (Master Cyclinder)
*"X-Men" (Graydon Creed/Leech)
*"Little Bear
*"C.O.P.S." (Sergeant PJ "Longarm" O'Malley)
*"Cyberchase" (Additional Voices)
*"Muppet Babies"
*"Madballs" (Aargh/Skull Face)
*"Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"
*"The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin" (Newton Gimmick)
*"The Wizard of Oz" (The Tin Woodman)
*"Blazing Dragons" (Evil Knight 2/Sir Burnevere)
*"Hammerman" (Defacely Mallmeister)
*"The Big Hit" (Sid Mussberger)
*"Katts and Dogs"
*"Piggsburg Pigs!"
*"The Dream Team" (Murray)
*"Beyblade" (Max's Father)
*"White Raven" (Reporter)
*"Wake, Rattle and Roll" (Benny the Ball)
*"Sylvanian Families"
*" Rupert"
*"Mythic Warriors" (Zetes/Polemius/2nd Soldier/2nd Guard)
*"Redwall" (Brother Alf/Cheese Thief/Clogg)
*"Totally Spies!" (Seth/Bedhead)
*"", the 1999 TV series (Ultron)
*"Tom and Vicky" (Grandad)
*"Richard Scarry" (Father Cat/Mr. Humperdink/Scotty Dog/Pedro)
*" Donkey Kong Country" (Kutlass)
*"The Neverending Story" (Gluckuck)
*" Beetlejuice" (Mr. Monitor)
*"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs"
*"Coming Up Rosie" (Dwayne Kramer)
*"Garfield and Friends"
*"The Real Ghostbusters" (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
*"Cramp Twins" (Mr. Harry)
*"Brothers Flub"
*"Tales from the Cryptkeeper"
*"Today's Special" (Clump)

Personal life

Currently, Stocker lives near Toronto in Bowmanville, Ontario on 21 acres (85,000 m²) of rural land with his wife, Tara, and his daughter Bailey. He is also at present a member of Toronto's VoiceWorks.


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