Anthony Judge

Anthony Judge

Anthony Judge, (Port Said, 21 January 1940) is mainly known for being the Director of Communications and Research at the Union of International Associations from 1977 till 2007. At the UIA he has been responsible for systems design, the development of interlinked databases, publications and research. His research throughout the years has covered a wide range of technologies. From the earliest days of computing he has investigated the possibility for the UIA to make use of these technologies. For example his research included: in-house computers, computer typesetting, email, extension of email access to developing countries, metadata structure, LAN database operation, collaborative editing, automatic translation, CD-ROM technology, web technology, hyperlink editing, VRML, inter-institutional data integration, distant database editing, online data services, sonification of data, XML, and SVG. He has been the Executive Director of Mankind 2000 [] . In 1972 he set up the Union of Intelligible Associations through a collaboration agreement between UIA and Mankind 2000. The Union of Intelligible Associatons was responsible for creating a database on global problems. This database lead to the creation of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. The database was eventual taken over by the UIA.

Because of his expertise in overarching systems of knowledge, Judge has taken numerous initiatives for organizing conferences and meetings where organizations can discuss issues related to some form of knowledge integration.

Since September 2007 Judge has retired from the UIA. Currently he is mainly involved with 4 inter-relating strategic initiatives; Union of Imaginable Associations, University of Earth, The Cognitive Fusion Reactor (ITER-8), Union of the Whys.

UIA Databases

Under Judge's direction the UIA developed the most extensive databases on global civil society. These database contains entries for over 61,000 international nonprofit bodies, 240,000 international meetings (past and future), 56,000 world problems, global strategies (32,000), biographies (21,000), concepts of human development (4,800), human values (3,300) and more. Additionally, the amount of links between different entries in the databases reaches about 1,600,000.


By making use of the databases, over the years Judge has produced over 1,600 papers on information and knowledge organization of relevance to governance and strategy-making. All these papers are nowadays freely available on Judge's personal website 'Laetus in Praesens' (translated from Latin: 'Joy in the Present') [] . Many of his papers evolve around the quest to create a wiser and more functional world. His work has a high level of novelty for instance innovation in: policy making, the use of metaphors, art, poetry, debate, data-visualization and system structures.


*"Yearbook of International Organizations: Guide to global civil society networks" (1983-2007) Union of International Associations & K G Saur Verlag ISBN 3-598-24512-2
*"Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential" (since 1972) Union of International Associations & K.G. Saur München ISBN 3-598-11165-7

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