Samara Bend

Samara Bend

The Samara bend ( _ru. Самарская Лука) is a large, backwards-C-shaped bend in the middle Volga River at the confluence of the Samara River (coord|53|07|N|50|04|E|display=inline,title). It is situated in Samara Oblast, Volga Federal District of Russia.

The Samara River valley offers an easy passage to the Ural River valley, and historically has been a major locus for interchange between eastern European and Central Asian cultures. It is also a classic invasion route. What is now the city of Samara was founded in 1586 as a tsarist defense outpost.

A number of archaeological cultures have been centered here:
*Khvalynsk culture, ca. 4900–3500 BC
*Samara culture, 5th–4th millennia BC
*Poltavka culture, ca. 2700–2100 BC
*Potapovka culture, ca. 2500–2000 BC
*Abashevo culture, ca. 17th–16th centuries BC

ee also

* Zhiguli
* Battle of Samara Bend

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