Independent State of Macedonia

Independent State of Macedonia

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Независима република Македония"
conventional_long_name = Independent State of Macedonia
common_name = Macedonia, NMR|
continent = Europe
region = Balkans
country = Macedonia
era = World War II
status = Puppet state (republic)
status_text = Puppet state of the Axis powers
empire = Nazi Germany |
event_start =
year_start = 1944
date_start = September 8
event_ent =
year_end = 1944
date_end = November 13|
p1 = Kingdom of Yugoslavia
flag_p1 = Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg
s1 = Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
flag_s1 = Flag of SFR Yugoslavia.svg
s2 = Socialist Republic of Macedonia
flag_s2 = Flag of SR Macedonia.svg

symbol =

capital = Skopje|
common_languages = Bulgarian
religion =
currency = Macedonian lev|
title_leader = Prime Minister ("President of the Administration")
leader1 = Spiro Kitanchev
year_leader1 = 1944
leader2 =
year_leader2 =
title_deputy =
deputy1 =
year_deputy1 =
deputy2 =
year_deputy2 = |
stat_year1 =
stat_area1 =
stat_pop1 =
footnotes =

The Independent State of Macedonia (Bulgarian "Независима република Македония"; NMR) was a state of the Axis powers. It was established on September 08, 1944, after the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was attacked by the Axis forces. It was technically a Bulgarian protectorate. The state was controlled by the governing VMRO movement.

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