Titusville, Florida Police Department

Titusville, Florida Police Department

Infobox Law enforcement agency
agencyname = City of Titusville Police Department
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commonname = Titusville Police Department
abbreviation = TPD
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mission = "Promoting Teamwork Within Our Community to Solve Problems."
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employees = 131
volunteers = 38
budget = $10,017,813.00
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country = United States of America
countryabbr = US
national =
federal =
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divtype = State
divname = Florida
divdab =
subdivtype = City
subdivname = Titusville
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mapcaption =
sizearea = 67 km2
sizepopulation = 40,670
legaljuris = opsjuris
governingbody =
governingbodyscnd =
constitution1 =
police = yes
local = yes
military =
provost =
gendarmerie =
religious =
speciality =
secret =
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headquarters = 1100 John Glenn Boulevard, Titusville, Florida

mapcaption =
sizearea = 67 km2
sizepopulation = 40,670
legaljuris = opsjuris
governingbody =
governingbodyscnd =
constitution1 =
police = yes
local = yes
military =
provost =
gendarmerie =
religious =
speciality =
secret =
overviewtype =
overviewbody =
headquarters = 1100 John Glenn Boulevard, Titusville, Florida

hqlocleft = 230
hqloctop = 100
hqlocmappoptitle =
sworntype = Police Officer
sworn = 84
unsworntype = Civilian
unsworn = 47
multinational =
electeetype = Mayor
minister1name =
minister1pfo =
chief1name = Anthony C. Bollinger
chief1position = Chief of Police
parentagency =
child1agency =
unittype = Section
unitname = collapsible list |Patrol Administration |ATV Unit
Special Services Section |Motor Unit/ Traffic Enforcement |K-9 Teams
School Resource Officers |Special Operations Unit |Criminal Investigations Section |Special Investigations Section |Crime Scene Investigations |Crisis Negotiation Team |Crime Suppression Unit |Reserve Officer Program |Community Watch Program

officetype = Zone
officename = collapsible list |Zone 1 (North Sector) |Zone 2 (North Sector) |Zone 3 (South Sector) |Zone 4 (South Sector)
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stations = 1
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website = http://www.titusville.com/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=7
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The Titusville Police Department (TPD) is the police force with the primary responsibility of public safety and the enforcement of state laws and county/ municipal ordinances in the city of Titusville, Florida.


The Titusville Police Department, headed by the Chief of Police, is organized into three divisions: the Operations Division, the Professional Standards Division, and the Administrative and Support Services Division. Operations, the largest of the three, is headed by the Assistant Chief, while one commander each supervises the other two divisions. [http://www.titusville.com/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=7]

The Operations division is further divided into Patrol Administration, Special Services Section, and the Investigations Section.

:City of Titusville - Mayor Ronald G. Swank.::Police Department - Chief Anthony C. Bollinger::::Administrative Secretary:::I. Operations Division - Assistant Chief John Lau::::a. Patrol Administration - Commander Thomas Barry:::::1. North Sector - Lieutenant Cleyton Bray::::::A. Zone 1::::::B. Zone 2:::::2. South Sector - Lieutenant Todd Hutchinson::::::A. Zone 3::::::B. Zone 4::::::C. All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit:::b. Special Services Section - Commander Doug Massey:::::1. Traffic Enforcement::::::A. Motor 1 - Officer Will Newman::::::B. "'Motor 2 - ::::::C. Motor 3 - Officer Pat Herndon::::::D. Motor 4 - Officer Lincoln Strom::::::E. Traffic Officer John Cantalupo:::::2. K-9 Teams :::::3. School Resource Officers (SRO's)::::::A. Andrew Jackson Middle School - Officer Leamon Jackson::::::B. Astronaut High School - Officer Karen Hooker::::::C. Madison Middle School - Officer Dave McCourt::::::D. Titusville High School - Officer Mike Etheredge::::::E. Riverview Elementary School - Officer Don Kelly::::::F. Elementary Schools - Officer Don Kelly4. Special Operations Unit (SWAT) - Lt. Cleyton Bray:::::5. Victim's Advocate (VA) - Michelle Glover:::::6. Police Athletic League (PAL) - Executive Director - Officer Chucky Price::::::A. Police Explorer Post #2486 - Head Advisor Detective Jessica Edens

::::c. Investigations Section - Commander Stuart Otto:::::1. Criminal Investigations Section - Sergeant Jeff King::::::A. Detectives - Cpl. Chris Deloach, Det. Jan Scofield, Det. Jessica Edens, Det. Warren VanVuren, Det. James Board, Det. William Amos, Det. Allen Davies, Det. Robert Candler, Det. Scott Larsson, Det. Telly Joiner, Det. David Rodriguez:::::2. Special Investigations Section (SIS)::::::A. Narcotics, Gambling, Prostitution Investigators:::::::i. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force:::::3. Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)::::::A. Crime Scene Technicians (CST's):::::4. Crisis Negotiation Team

::::d. Communications Center - Communications Supervisor Lisa Di Liberto

:::II. Professional Standards Division - Commander David Butler::::a. Accreditation - Sergeant Glen Hamann

::::b. Training - Sergeant Adrienne Schultz

:::III. Administrative and Support Services Division - Commander Mel Williams::::a. Budget and Logistics Section - JoAnn Couey::::b. Records Section - Records Supervisor Lavada Jenkins:::::1. Front Desk - Marie Mion:::::2. Records Clerks

::::c. Fleet and Building Maintenance - Coordinator Todd Landers

(Sworn LEO's and LEO positions are shown in boldface.)


TPD has a fleet of over 70 vehicles, including marked and unmarked patrol cars (most of which are Chevrolet Impalas), undercover vehicles, sport utility vehicles, Community Service Officer vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, a crime scene truck, a SWAT truck, and many other vehicles necessary for responding to the multitude of different calls for service it receives.


TPD has a newsletter, called the "TPD Shield", which it uses to communicate with the community as a crime prevention tool. This awareness-raising publication is paid for by forfeiture funds at no cost to the taxpayer.

Fallen Officers

Law enforcement is, by its nature, a very dangerous job. Although TPD has always rigorously trained its officers, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk. Thus, there have been two TPD officers who have died while serving their agency and community.

Officer Jack Henry Schnell, ID 716, was killed on New Year's Eve 1982. While he was on motor DUI patrol, a drunk driver pulled out in front of Officer Schnell's motor, causing a collision which threw him from the motorcycle, and he landed on his head. Later, in the hospital, Officer Schnell died of the severe head injuries he sustained. Being an officer involved crash, the incident was investigated not by TPD but by the Florida Highway Patrol. State Troopers charged the driver with DUI/Manslaughter, of which he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. At the time of the manslaughter, Officer Schnell was 35 years old and had served TPD for 14 years.

Officer Stephen Franklin House, ID 726, was shot and killed on February 15, 1989. Officer House was conducting a building search with the emergency response team. During this operation, the suspect was taken into custody, but his father ran to a bedroom, in which he barricaded himself. When Officer House attempted to make entry, the man began to fire at him, resulting in Officer House receiving a fatal gunshot wound. The gunman was charged with murder, but he was acquitted and released. At the time of the homicide, Officer House was 36 years old and had served TPD for 7 years.

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