Christian Game Developers Foundation

Christian Game Developers Foundation

The Christian Game Developers Foundation (CGDF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Christian video games. Its headquarters are located in Poway, California.

It promotes the development products which provide a safe environment and entertaining alternatives for young people to enjoy interactive products. The foundation seeks to help game companies to support the development of family friendly products and services, provide visibility and education for parents that are trying to make good decisions as to the type of interactive products their children are exposed to in today’s marketplace, provide public relations and become a spokesman concerning the need for an alternative to today’s interactive offerings and to support the creation of new interactive products based on biblical environments and principles.


* [ The Christian Post, Sat, Aug. 06 2005 12:56 PM ET - "Christian Games Seek Souls" by Phil Lewis]
* [ BBC News: Christians purge video game demons]
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