Paralia Lygias

Paralia Lygias

Paralia Lygia or -Ligia, also Lygia Beach (Greek: Παραλία Λυγιάς), (accented forms: Paralía Lygiá or -Ligiá) is a settlement in the municipality of Vartholomio, Ilia Prefecture, Greece. Its 2001 population was 77 for the settlement.

Nearest places

*Glyfa, north (distance: 1-2 km)
*Ioniko, east (distance: around 2 km)


Location and transportation

Lygia Beach is located 10 km southwest of Vartholomio, 14 km west of Gastouni, about 80 km southwest of Patras, 44 km northwest of Pyrgos and approx. 8 km southeast of Thermal Springs of Kyllini. It is connected with the road connecting Kyllini Baths and Gastouni.

The village has about 3 km of paved road and about 4 km of gravel road. It has about 4 km of hydro lines, phone lines are around 3 km.


Its geography compromises of groves and almost the whole crop, farmlands that covers the western portions including some hills, forests are to the west near the municipal district boundary and the remains of a swamp area that once covered the flat part of northern Elis. They are made up of grasses, marshes and bushes lie to the northeast.


Electricity, radio and automobiles were introduced in the mid-20th century, television in the late-20th century and computer and internet at the turn of the millennium. During the creation and recreation of the municipalities under the Capodistrian Plan in 1997, it became a part of the municipality of Vartholomio and its commune or community was transformed into a municipal district. Between 1981 and 1991, its population lost by half, it nearly did not lost people in 2001. Earthquakes rumbled Lygia including one in the mid to late 20th century and several later ones in the early 20th century, those earthquakes did not caused any harm to the village and its inhabitants.


Its main economy is agriculture, its main production includes olives, citrus and cattle.


Lygia Beach has a nearby church, a post office, and a square ("plateia"). Its nearest school, lyceum (middle school) is in Lygia, gymnasium (secondary school) are in Vartholomio.

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