The Waikiki Widow (Hawaiian Eye)

The Waikiki Widow (Hawaiian Eye)

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Waikiki Widow
Series = Hawaiian Eye

Caption =
Season = 1
Episode = 2
Airdate = October 14, 1959
Production =
Writer = Lowell Barrington, from a novel by Juanita Sheridan
Director = Leslie H Martinson
Guests = Paula Raymond : Lady Blanche Carlton
Robert McQueeney : Rev Matthew Webster
Episode list = List of Hawaiian Eye episodes
Prev = Malihini Holiday
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"The Waikiki Widow" is an episode of the American television detective series "Hawaiian Eye".


Old Tseung asks Hawaiian Eye to find out who murdered his grandson Chu. Despite a college education, Chu Tseung had worked as a houseboy for Lady Blanche Carlton, the widow of a government official in British Hong Kong, who now lives in Honolulu. Tracey Steele visits the widow and encounters three other men: the Rev Matthew Webster, tea merchant John Hunter, and ne'er-do-well Dan Gordon. All four act suspiciously, and Steele soon discovers that there is indeed "no honor among thieves".

Episode cast

eries regulars

* Anthony Eisley Tracy Steele
* Robert Conrad Tom Lopaka
* Connie Stevens Cricket Blake
* Poncie Ponce Kim

Recurring characters

* Mel Prestidge ...Lt Quon (billed as "Homicide Lieutenant")
* Doug Mossman Moke ("uncredited")
* Andre Philippe Paul ("uncredited")

Guest stars

* Paula Raymond Lady Blanche Carlton
* Robert McQueeney Rev Matthew Webster
* H T Tsiang Old Tseung
* Myron Healey Dan Gordon
* Karl Weber John Hunter
* Judy Dan Sally Tseung
* Michael Raffeto Pappa Haone
* Unknown Lolita (Kim's cousin)
* Unknown Marie (receptionist)
* Unknown Missionary Society secretary

Musical interlude

All the Warner Brothers detective shows of the late fifties and early sixties had one or more musical interludes written into the teleplay. For this episode, Connie Stevens sang "Just For My Love" with the Shell Bar band accompanying her, while Poncie Ponce had two numbers: a short rendition of "Down Where the Tradewinds Blow", and a impersonation of Louis Armstrong singing "When My Dream Boat Comes Home".

Episode notes

Major recurring character Lt Danny Quon is introduced in this episode, as is an occasional character, Pappa Haone. There was a significant amount of rear-projection effects throughout this episode showing actual Honolulu public exteriors, a technical process that was used sparingly for later shows in this series.

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*Imdb title|0598393|The Waikiki Widow
* [ Original novel "The Waikiki Widow" by Juanita Sheridan]

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