ChuckleVision episode information (Series 16-20)

ChuckleVision episode information (Series 16-20)

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eries 16 (2004)

15 episodes.
*For Peat's Sake - Barry meets a leprechaun.
*No Getting Away – Ruth England hosts a TV show that, unfortunately, has the Brothers in the spotlight.
*On The Verge - The Brothers attempt to run a mobile cafe.
*The Incredible Shrinking Barry-Part One - Barry, now the size of an ant, is held captive by a puppetmaster.
*The Incredible Shrinking Barry-Part Two - Paul and Barry attempt to get the Shrinking Machine back.
*Which Witch Is Which? - The Chuckles encounter a similarity to Hansel and Gretel.
*Bedlam And Breakfast - The Chuckles attempt to run a two-star Hotel.
*Mocha Ado About Nothing - The brothers are on the run from a coffee mogul.
*The Return Of The Purple Pimple - The brothers and the countess attempt to rescue the Purple Pimple from Rossepierre.
*The Whole Tooth - Barry swallows a fly while at the dentist.
*Cross-Country Chuckles - The brothers race against each-other in a marathon.
*Can Of Worms - The boys enter a worm gathering contest.
*Bringing Home Dan - The Chuckles attempt to get Dan the Van to an important meeting.
*Paul Of The Ring - Paul becomes attracted to a ring.
*Sherlock Chuckle - The Brothers investigate robberies in the 1800s.

eries 17 (2005)

15 episodes.
*Crocodile McChuckle - Paul and Barry team up with their cousin Dougal to make Douglas believe he's Scottish again.
*A Job Well Done - Ruth England returns with a new show: "Wish They Weren't Here", and their latest contestants are the Brothers!
*Who's Minding The Store? - Paul and Barry attempt to run a shop for the day. How hard can it be?
*Funny Money - Paul and Barry's rich uncle becomes greedy and frauds the brothers with fake money.
*The Chuckle And The Pea - The Brothers attempt to dispose of a pea.
*The Vengeful Viking - Paul awakes a sleeping and angry Viking.
*Grande Fromage - Paul and Barry run into Grand Fromage, a chesse maker.
*Pride And Prejudice - Paul thinks he's insane at the sight of walls.
*Highway Robbery - Paul and Barry run into the countess during a highway robbery.
*Smugglers - The Brothers ally themselves to a smuggler, only to be chased by an admiral and Robespierre.
*The Real Purple Pimple - It's the showdown between Sir Percy and Rossepierre - with the boys and the Countess caught in the middle.
*The Lift - Paul and Barry are trapped in a lift with No Slacking.
*The Diva - The Brothers become bodyguards to a washed-up, selfish pop diva.
*Let Them Beat Cake - The two investigate a series of cake batterings.
*One's Bitten, Two's Shy - Barry is bitten by a werefox.

eries 18 (2006)

15 episodes.
*Barryella - Paul Steals Barry's tickets to a ball, leaving him to do housework.
*Off The Cuff - Barry and Paul get cuffed together, and are left running from the one who has the key.
*Skipshape - After getting into trouble with No Slacking, the two are forced to find a use for a mysterious skip.
*Don't Lose Your Rag - Paul secretly signs Barry up for a game show where money is won for being calm. Barry eventually cottons on...
*Alien Antics - An alien does a mindswap with Paul, and both of the brothers end up turning into tomatoes.
*Sushi And Sumo - Helping out at Dan the Van's niece's sushi restaurant, Paul is forced to Sumo wrestle after eating a raw fish which causes him to swell up.
*Oompah Oompah - Judging the Slapsbergen Music Contest, the brothers are violently threatened by all the contestants and have to escape...
*Pretty Polly - Looking after Mrs Metherby's parrot, and exchanging it for a rude talking one, proves hard work...
*Tennis Menace - The brothers resign from Mr. Jenson, their boss, after finding that he cheats at tennis. *Mrs. Grimthorpe, his neighbour, asks them to play for her in the annual match between her and Mr Jenkins.
*Hippy Isle - Cast up on an island where the people have given up technology, the brothers find that the mysterious Guru has a secret passion for gadgets.
*Caterpiller Crisis - A Sudanese man-eating caterpillar causes a spot of bother.
*Chuck Bodgers - The descendants of the Purple Pimple, the Countess and the brothers battle to save the world from the evil Ping the Pitiless in the year 2525.
*The Picnic - A greedy spot hoarder is determined to reclaim the spot the brothers "stole" from him.
*Cable Fable - The brothers get stuck in a broken cable car with a yeti, and a rather peeved cable car driver.
*In A Pickle - Mother Chuckle's pickles are selling well. That is, until Barry loses the recipe.

eries 19 (2007)

15 episodes
*Et Tu Chuckle - Paul and Barry are stonemasons in Roman Britain, but courage is called for when they have to foil a plot to kidnap the great Caesar...
*Spook When You're Spooken To - The brothers have to convince some American ghosthunters that Dan the Van's mansion is haunted.
*Big Break - The brothers attempt to install a snooker table in the Viscount's basement.
*Henry VIII And His 5th Chuckle - When Henry VIII's wife-to-be is lost at sea, Paul convinces Barry to take her place so they can sample the royal life.
*Strictly Chuckle - The brothers enter a dance championship to save Dame Alice's dance school. Unfortunately Barry has to be the female partner...
*Sherwood Chuckle - The brothers meet Robin Hood, and end up having to rescue Maid Marian from the ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham.
*Oil's Well That Ends Well - The brothers have ambitions to be millionaires when they strike oil in their back garden.
*In-Console-Able - Barry absorbs superhuman powers due to an accident with a games console.
*Our Latest Model - A top fashion agent signs Barry up as a supermodel, much to Paul's disgust.
*Tomorrow's News - The brothers can see into the future with tomorrow's newspaper, so they attempt to prevent the bad things happening, to much chaos...
*Pandamonium - The brothers are led on a wild panda chase as their furry friend goes in search of a Chinese meal.
*A Case For The Chuckles - Paul and Barry are pursued by an international jewel thief as they try to get a precious case back to its rightful owner.
*Driving Ambition - Paul and Barry go head to head with No Slacking in a golf driving competition, but can the Chucks compete with his cheating?
*Muscling In - Paul enters Barry for a strong man contest but how can he compete against the cheating man mountain Magnus Sorenson?
*Hanging Round - The duo work at dizzying heights as they decorate a cruise ship, but will Captain Pilbury be impressed with their paintwork?

eries 20 (2008)

6 episodes
*Mind Your Manors - Paul and Barry must save Chuckle Manor from greedy landowner Simon Chortle.
*I Scream Men - Paul and Barry go head-to-head in their local park with ice-cream supremo Giovanni Slackino.
*Super Heroes Super Zeroes - Paul sets up a convention for a film superhero, but the fans aren't happy when he books the wrong star.
*Jumping Jackpot - Paul and Barry win a 50,000 pounds jackpot, but Barry can't remember where he put the ticket.
*Galloping Grandads - Paul and Barry disguise themselves as their grandads in a local retirement home.
*Raven Mad - The Chuckles are minding the ravens at the Tower of London, but Paul gets sidetracked when he hears a notorious robber is threatening to steal the Crown Jewels. Mind Your Manors was also available as an interactive episode, by pressing the red button on your remote. Alternatively, it is available in the games section on the CBBC website.


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