A Little Time-Off

A Little Time-Off

"A Little Time-Off" is an episode of "U.S. Acres" from the series "Garfield and Friends".


Lanolin is feeling crabbier than normal, so Orson suggests that they take her on a Imaginary Vacation. While Roy and Sheldon watch out for the Weasel, Orson, Booker, Wade, Bo and Lanolin sit on some Orange Boxes and pretend that they are in a spaceship and wearing space suits. But Lanolin won't play properly, so they decided to pretend to be cave people in the past. But Lanolin still won't play along with it and says she has a lot of work to do, which results in her being accused of not having an imagination.

Meanwhile, the Weasel sneaks into the farm disguised as a rock and steals some Hens. Orson, Wade, Bo and Booker decide to play their imaginary game without Lanolin, and pretend they are cowboys in the Old West. They then see the Weasel with a sack of hens. Lanolin starts to play their imaginary game by pretending to be a cowgirl, both capturing the weasel with her lasso and proving she does have an imagination.

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